2M+ LifeTime Kills, Enjoy the game?

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11/07/2016 07:54 AMPosted by FirePenguin
story-driven game with lots of little areas to explore or secrets to find. I'm looking forward to the Necromancer's return and will definitely roll one when he comes out.

That's one thing I would have appreciated, more hidden nooks and areas to find...it's something I always enjoyed in Dungeon Siege II. I think a game combining a rich, lore-driven world like Neverwinter Nights with the ARPG combat and mechanics of a game like D3 would be very successful. I would love to play something like that.
2,3 million kills here... no, not enjoying the game since RoS anymore, given it many chances throughout season 1-5 , yet it got worse from season to season instead of getting better, i uninstalled it 6 months ago.

best time of the game was 1.02.
12639624 kills here playing since the beginning

I still enjoy the game to an extent as long as there are changes to items, sets, and such.

This season because no changes is not enticing to me except for the stash tab. I don't care about the pushing to be the best or highest efficiency. I play for fun using whatever set / builds fits my fancy at that time.

I got the stash tab and for me the season is pretty much over. This is especially more so that they announce a new patch going to be tested on ptr soon.
1.05-1.08 = best.
11/07/2016 05:22 AMPosted by Abanem
Does anyone with at lest 2 million LifeTime Kills still enjoy the game in its current iteration?

And if you don't, what was you favorite D3 Era.

Currently have 7,204,264 lifetime kills.

Yes, I enjoy the game. I have more than gotten my money's worth out of it.
Game rocks.
It's a tossup between early Vanilla and Season 2-3 for me. Vanilla trading and having actual rare items was great, and beating Inferno Diablo was frustrating (understatement of the decade!) but rewarding. While D3 during Season 2-3 had a lot of flaws, I feel like D3 was finding its stride and was progressing into something good. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, evidenced by dwindling forum participation/Twitch viewership and a lackluster announcement for the Diablo 20th Anniversary.
It's not a game you can play for hours. WoW is a game that meant to take up a lot of time. D3 is repetitive, if you play it for too long, you'll get bored.

D3 is more of a game you pick up for an hour or two, have fun blasting away the forces of evil. It's fun for that. It'll probably be even better, if they ever turn bounty system into something great (like mini adventure), and not just a boring solo split grind.

I do like D3 big time. And with all sorts of nice features they are coming up, what not to like? New inventory, new class, new super cool D1 dungeon. Sick!!!
3.1 mil kills. 1.08 was probably the highlight for me, but I still enjoy the game and play 2-4 hours a day.
No idea if I have 2m+ so since I am lazy I will just post here instead of finding my online page to see if I do :)
lol your account contain no heroes , wtf ?
8 million kills. Yeah I still enjoy it. I can see why others don't but I still enjoy playing with friends
11/07/2016 09:29 AMPosted by Janosik
lol your account contain no heroes , wtf ?

That would be a player who plays on the European servers and has over 9m lifetime kills.
12958917 Lifetime Kills
the few weeks after 2.0 hit but before ros was live was my favorite
aspirine ? i cant see anything on his account ...

only this text is there : No heroes exist on this account.
11/07/2016 09:42 AMPosted by Janosik
aspirine ? i cant see anything on his account ...

only this text is there : No heroes exist on this account.

hmmm not 10M yet. need to work on that.
buddy when i click on your avatar i just receive that infotmation no offence ....
206,970 elite kills.

2,136,468 lifetime kills.

Most of my play time was before the density increases.

2350 hours or so.

I quit around season 3 and sometimes come back for 1-2 week stints.

Honestly my favorite time playing was vanilla and early RoS. Back when it was actually exciting to find items and it meant something. When trading went away it took a lot of the purpose away behind farming. Just kept getting countless items I never could/would use that I just salvaged.

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