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This Morticks remastered. This brings back so much hurt and pain.
Nice reddit. You truly are the meme masters huh
This is the video i've been waiting for since I saw the failure that was the 20th anniversary. First thing I thought was "I can't wait for someone to make that laughing spanish guy video".
OMFG! Love it!

I have headache over how much i lol'ed!! GeeZuz! TY!
I logged in just to say how amazing this video is. OMG, I laughed so hard, but it's so sad, because the reason we're all laughing so hard is because of the truth that rings through it all. At least we can see the humor in the sad state of things.
11/05/2016 06:31 AMPosted by Michaelsamu
I believe the necromancer artwork leak lead to some serious overhype here.

That's not at all the case here.
The hype started long before that leak.

Really, it started with a Blizz dev saying we would 'lose our sh!t' at Blizzcon 2016.

It was then later increased with the Diablo 4 sided dice speculation.

Then, Blizz started removing Diablo 3 from many things, and instead going to just Diablo, suggesting a focus on the franchise and not just a single game.

It went further when two former Diablo devs returned to Blizzard to hang out. Yeah, we knew they weren't there for work, but it seemed odd that they would show up for nothing.

Also, at the start of Blizzcon they were showing a pic that had two dice showing 4 on them.

Basically, Blizz started the speculation, then allowed misprinted dice to be released and didn't say anything, and even went as far as adding to the hype with changes they made.

They knew this hype was going on, and it has even been all over gaming news, including IGN.

I'm sure they were aware of what type of crowds the hype and speculation could bring to Blizzcon, so they didn't bother to address anything.

They allowed this to happen.
The Necromancer wasn't even a consideration in all the hype, as all the hype was built around the potential for a D4, or at the very least, a full on D3 expansion.
Ah, the return of this guy with logical points.


Missed you m8.
Morticks is the best one.
11/05/2016 05:50 AMPosted by FamousScrub

Tell me this isn't 1000% true.

!@#$ those loyal fans!

and then make them wait for another year for more bad news!
What...are you guys all new? That stupid clip has been floating around this forum for years. OP must think he's really clever, though...
11/05/2016 05:50 AMPosted by FamousScrub

Tell me this isn't 1000% true.

oh that had me in tears! THANK YOU!!!!
Blizzard does all the hyping, $40 is the price of a game, of coarse they are going to say things like, your gona lose your !@#$! and give us 4 sided die, leak necro images, there trying to sell tickets! thats there ploy now to sell us garbage and Lies! they dont give a Crap about The diablo franchise, only if its selling and making them more rich! thats the only thing that matters to the massive company. there's alot of players calling shots. a Large company's #1 goal is to Profit. they could care less about our memories of D2, Money Talks!

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