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when i update the launcher today morning , it have problem to login. Yesterday i play ok.
Win 7 64bit, Graphic GT730, pls help me resolve, tks
seems like a global issue, my launcher crashes as well...wait till blizz confirms and gives out a solution.
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Howdy DevilHunter!

Let's try a clean install to the Blizzard app real quick, we've had this fix this issue for most players. When you have a moment go ahead and try the following steps:

· Press the Windows Key+R on keyboard
(Run Command in the Start Menu for Vista)
· Type %ProgramData%
· Hit enter
· Delete Blizzard Entertainment and Folder
· Empty Recycle Bin
· Uninstall and Reinstall the app, please reinstall the app on the C drive.
I can confirm it fixed the issue for me...thnx!
This did not work for me, game will still not load. All other remedies for other players are not working as well.
after I launch game, it makes me log in,
then it tells me the servers are down for maint.

The new forum system sucks= just saves Blizzard money,
NO HELP for players.

NO maint. notices, no server status area.

Starting to feel like a mushroom

Edit: Went back to launcher under options and did a scan and repair.
Successful log-in and game.
Good luck to all!
Battle Net logs in for me but the game Diablo 3 will not.
It is there that I get the server message.
Starcraft looked in just fine.
I am having the exact same problem but I cannot even access the game. I have deleted all blizzard related files on my computer and I cannot seem to even uninstall blizzard, it gets me stuck on an "Uninstalling" page, and absolutely nothing happens, I have been having this problem all day..

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