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There’s been several posts before about ideas for new sets, or ways to improve Blackthorne’s, etc. Obviously all sets could do with some balancing, so any numbers below are completely fictitious or missing entirely. Really I just like the idea of the legendary powers.

The Denial of Dax (no class restrictions)

Blinders of Dax (Helm) - The wearer of this set no longer see sci-fi or real world reference items like Star Helm, Probe Pet, Blizzcon Banners, etc. (Does not affect display for other players.)

Grip of Dax (Gloves) - The player holds on to their chosen transmogrification instead of the animation of spells like Akkhan’s Might, Wrather of the Berserker, Vengeance, etc.(Does not affect display for other players.)

Preoccupation of Dax (Wrist) - The player’s focus on killing demons means he or she tunes out the dialogue from NPCs like Tyreal’s stomach pains. Also changes the monk’s dialogue from “That ability is not available,” to “I can’t do that.”

The Fourth Wall (Shield) - Cosmetic pets that don’t make sense are not displayed to the wearer of this set. Why would a demon hunter have a pet demon?

1 Piece bonus - Some form of cheat death, Dax denies death! (Will need voice actors to record “Not today” for all classes.) (Alternate, “I’m not dead yet!”)

2 Piece bonus - You gain 25% damage reduction so that you aren’t completely gimped from choosing this set.

3 Piece bonus - All skills do +1,000% weapon damage so that you aren’t completely gimped from choosing this set.

Flavor Text - “Dax truly believed he was in a fantasy realm and no longer saw the realities around him.”

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