How much would you pay for the Necromancer?

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Are you really serious about paying 20$ for a character add in Diablo 3? Really?

When you can have in the near or far future a WHOLE game like a Diablo 4 for 60$?

What are the people thinking? F**k.

PD: If this works for Blizzard they will continue doing !@#$s like this all the time, ofc they will. Work in a character instead a whole expansion for nearly the same price? Please give them the monay... this sucks.

PD2: This fanboy base make me cry so much.
D3 base game = $60
-5 chars
-4 acts
/9 = 6.66

I wouldn't pay a cent over $6.66
I would pay zero 0,- for a new class the way D3 is now. If i got paid 20 dollars a day to play the game, i would still refuse to. The gaming experience is simply too far gone.

Paragon system needs fixing and not work with GR unless capped.
The item design cannot be based around sets
The difficulty progression needs to be fixed with lower droprates, removal of headrigs gift and make it worthwhile playing T1 to t13.

There is no chance in the utter *#!#!¤ that i will pay for anything before this is fixed!
I just logged in to say this. ZERO $$$!!! In fact I would not play it for FREE. Furthermore I have not bought ROS. Instead I purchased $130 supporter pack for POE the TRUE successor of D2!!! Also LOL at that D1 remake (D3 reskin) and the Diablo fight in the dungeon. (I would have paid for a TRUE D1/D2 HD)!!
I repeat what I said before, even you dislike again.

I'll pay a negative price.
$40 is the minimum Blizzard must pay for me to download the Necromancer.

And since it's not gonna happen, I won't stay in any public game with a Necro inside.
I really don't mind supporting a game that has given me around 2000 hrs of game play, and a ton of free content. As far as the fun/$ ratio goes it doesn't get much cheaper than D3.

Maybe on these forums being a hater is the cool thing to do, but most of you are just lying to yourselves, and you look really dumb.
It is a "pack" so the price could be between $19 to $29, releasing mid-2017. Then they'd probably put it on sale after a couple of months for Thanksgiving or Black Friday.. I'm hoping for a price of $9 though on release.. :O)
The Necromancer will be $19.99.
School out already?
Considering that a lot of people happily spend 10$ on a hero skin in hearthstone I'd say anything up to 20$ seems reasonable
This game has no monthly fee. Think of all the hours and hours of entertainment we all get playing this game.

I would pay $20 in a second for the necro pack. It's still less than the cost of going to a movie, popcorn, etc.
I won't be paying jack for it. It's not the real necromancer. Its something mimicking the necromancer from a wonderful title now to be played within a title that is garbage. MEMBER?
120 dollars... and then 10 dollars per stash tab and 20 dollars per character slot...
11/11/2016 03:59 PMPosted by Gaash
This game has no monthly fee. Think of all the hours and hours of entertainment we all get playing this game.

I would pay $20 in a second for the necro pack. It's still less than the cost of going to a movie, popcorn, etc.

I actually gave you a Like on this, I do agree. However I am open minded, and most people are looking at it like this,

- "Well, we have that class in Diablo 2, and its amazing, and now after x amount of years of D3 being out your going to make the Necromancer playable then charge us for it? What?"

Then you have the hype that was surrounding Diablo 4, along with no expansion being announced, just a new class. So Blizzcon was definitely a let down. If the class revealed was really anything but the Necromancer I'd be done with Diablo 3, personally. However I am huge fan of the Necromancer, and I think so far he looks cool in Diablo 3. So since it is a Necromancer I would pay $20 to play him, absolutely. I don't necessarily think everyone should have that mindset though, and that makes me a hypocrite. Because you can't feed Blizzard, they are milking Diablo 3, and that is greed. They could very well give us the Necromancer free, and that probably is the least they could do to be honest.

However, I am a sucker for the class, so i'd pay $20 for it, and the point you made isn't a horrible one.
not more than 10 bucks.

The new class will be interesting for two or so weeks. That's how much he is worth in a game like this.
I'd be willing to pay $10 when it's released. If it comes out at $20 or more, then I'm fine to wait for the price to come down. I waited for RoS to become half price before I bought it and that was fine.
How much for that "incredible" content?

Easy! 0.00 $
10 or 20. I don't know. Honestly I'm pretty sure I'll pay even more for CE.

I paid 40 for blizzcon virtual ticket. Getting a new class for 20 would sure feel like a bargain from that perspective.
$0. Fix the itemization before adding content - LoN is laughable and offers no end-game viability for the Wizard and Witch Doctor. They are way off the mark by wasting resources with the Necromancer.
IMO $0 is too much.
Wouldn't play even if they paid me $10 (might consider playing for $100 though LUL).

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