How much would you pay for the Necromancer?

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No more than 10$, and that's if they put something in the line like patches or balance tweaks. I bought other Blizzard games but I hold Diablo franchise as the most dear one. If I bought something from Blizzard I want to see that it spent for Diablo. As the latest expansion pack to WoW reviews been not doing so well, they should take the opportunity and try something new to re-bound with an old friend. "Us".
Absolutely nothing.
I'm not buying it. This game has issues that needs addressed, not another damn class.
30 usd max.
maximally 15 usd, if will be good i can add +5 usd ! / but i dont want cookie cutter builds i want strong but fun builds /
10-15 USD max
Will not buy if still online only
11/18/2016 07:15 PMPosted by Spagetto
11/18/2016 08:49 AMPosted by MissCheetah

It does not appear you ever have. No chars on any Region. Two posts one of which is not showing so was either deleted or is not on the D3 forums.

There are people here who have actually played and have valid input/concerns. This post does not seem to be one of them.

You're Paragon 400 with rank 25 gems on non-season. I think your input/concerns, if listened to; would probably not be good for people who actually want to play the game for more than two hours a year.

Don't mind me much, I'm just upset that I've wasted my patience waiting for my favorite franchise to be given the treatment it deserves. I thought they'd announce something big at Gamescom when they flew Quin69 out. I thought they'd announce something big at Blizzcon when they tweeted it would be really cool for Diablo. Since 2008 when Diablo III was announced, I believed it would be one of the greatest games of all time with tons of replay value and fun to be had.

I thought wrong. I grinded out multiple seasons and spent way too many hours accepting the small patches and changes, believing they were winding up to something big. I am an idiot for ever expecting more from this game and the developers, and from Blizzard who shunned this franchise and let it sink as low as it has.

The original Diablo III was announced in 2008 and was in playable form at that time. Four years later they released a game with an 8 hour long campaign and ABSOLUTELY nothing else to it. No interesting items or builds, nothing. Four years of additional development for what? It's the biggest video game development failure I've ever witnessed.

Well said
11/10/2016 12:15 PMPosted by Razaghal
let me think...

So long as any core development team member of Diablo III is in a new Diablo new xpac or game, I won't be paying anything else to buy it. I've been around since early alpha and beta, giving constructive feedback throughout vanilla and RoS. I didn't pay to play an Action Game, although a really good one, I payed for an Action RPG. I'm done supporting this game and Diablo III in the hopes the development team finally wakes up to it's mistake.
It's just a pack, not a whole game. I think $10 is the best price.
Let's see the character pack contains:
-Stash Space
Roughly $3-5 at best and anything beyond that and they'll just be ripping you off.
Blizzard will price this at what the market will bear. I'm sure they will find the right price point to maximize profits.

My general feeling is it will be between 15 to 30 dollars.

Whether or not twice as many people would buy at 15 rather than 30 is unknown.

I'm sure Blizzard has historical data and has enough market analysis to choose the right figure.
11/19/2016 08:05 AMPosted by Phatty
My general feeling is it will be between 15 to 30 dollars.

I have a feeling that their data suggests that many people will buy it at 15-30 dollars.

I also have a feeling that this time, people aren't going to be fooled by the bait and switch.

I'll bet that their playerbase spiked a lot when they announced the necromancer release... and then it dropped way back down within a week.
These are players remembering why D3 isn't fun anymore.
I agree, I think they understand that most of the attrition is not recoverable without major overhaul and investment.

The active player base is not big enough to sustain the cost of another full expo,i bet. Also the returning players that bought ROS probably was much more below expectations and projections so the subsequent expansion was canned.

I think the necro is aimed at the active player base with little to no intent on winning back players that have already left for over 2 or 3 seasons.
Downvote all you want but the necro pack ain't free ladies.. :O)
i can't name one mmo/rpg, that in the end isn't PvP (in the west)
-i'm casual PvE, but Diablo will end up full blown PvP, like the whole Blizzard gamma and all other concurrence that tries to make money
-players want PvP as main feature,basta :(
So if i read it right, the Necro pack will include 2 extra stash tabs. This season and last I spent (mostly solo) about 80 hours, total...for 2 stash tabs.

Now I don't know about the rest of you, but those of us who still play D3 and work for a living can find a way to quate time and value ($$)...
at OP, considering the entertainment value ($/hr) and taking into account the cost relative to other entertainment options and the original price of the game...I'd easily pay $35-40 (USD).
$19.99 tops.. :O)
i hope for a sell pack, where we can buy the necro with the known extra's, plus an extra sell-feature glued on it, where we can buy extra stash-tabs at 5$ max each
I really dont care how much ^^

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