We need a Diablo 4 with a Diablo 2 pvp mode

We need a Diablo 4 with a Diablo 2 pvp mode.

We want to choose stats and skills like in Diablo 2 for more individuality.
We want to fight (pvp) in every area.
We want a good pvp balance like in Diablo 2.
We want a pvp ladder - a ranking with wins and losses for every player, like in the duel league back in the days. There was honorable 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 fights, and it was great.
We want pvp tournaments as a supported part of the game.

Answer with "thats it", if you agree.

Probably they take this serious if the response is big enough.
Just give up on this game. The dev's took 1 billion steps back with no lobby, no way to join/create named games, no pvp outside of something no one does, no trading (yeah I am saying there is no trading).

Seriously I just said forget it a few months ago after playing every season of D3 for IDK (5?) seasons of it. Join the club and move on from Blizz.

Blizz north is dead and gone and NEVER coming back. Embrace it and stop paying to play the games that BLIZZ poops out... maybe then they will stop trying to make money and return to trying to make face melting games.
thats it!

But lets not forget the 4v4 tournaments in diablo 2. They were awesome as well

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