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So, I've been playing Diablo 3 quite a bit these past years and many of you have already noticed this as well. I would like to point this out as well.

What Diablo 3 needs are
*More end game events/activities
*More variety with gear. The LoN and 6 piece set limitation kind of breaks this with gear.
*A lot of useless gear, I found an item yesterday called Pus Spitter. I couldn't think of a build that would honestly use this. This is mainly due to the amount of stackable percentage damage for a single spell that most builds aim for. Prox weapons used to be viable such as the Mad Monarch's Scepter.

*PvP: At this point I doubt it'll ever be implemented into the game, nor do I care personally if it's in it because Diablo was always about the PvE and grind.
*AI of Minions. They can be a bit retarded at times.
*Make a teamwork orientated end game event. It'd be cool to have an event where people needed to use actual teamwork instead of button mashing and racing for the kills in rifts.

If you can't find a solution around the useless gear proxs. You can make a set that increases the damage of proxable items. It'll make the Mad Monarch or Death Watch Mantle actually useful. This would at least make these items interesting.

Also, even though the legendary to ancient increase in stats gives me enough drive to find the ancient items. Maybe make the ancients a bit more interesting with more legendary affixes or a chance to roll an enhanced version of the already given affix?

PS: If you do go this route to fix the proxable weapons. Fix Pus Spitter for sure, that prox is a joke.

If you have any more criticism to add please be constructive and attempt to add a solution to that problem.
Diablo 3 needs a major system overhaul.

2 different game modes aswell, Arcade and RP.

Arcade could be current game just keep adding content to it and character packs what ever.

RP could re introduce stats and skill points, with a deep and technical gear systems more like at the launch of D3 and its previous games in the series.
New dev team and major system overhaul as someone mentioned before.
u guys all are wrong what we really need is new dev that plays d2 not these clowns d3 dev

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