Make Wizards Fun and Versatile

I have been using Wizards all the way since D3 launch, ROS expansion, and every single seasons. Its a positive sign that developers are slowly listening in to players' feedback that i noticed over the past few seasons. So i hope my input today will be highlighted and hopefully see changes that will make our Wizard group of players happy and having fun with the class.

1) Make every active skill able to select element of choice - I think this will also benefit the flexibility of skill/builds for all other classes. I have no idea why developers didn't think of this since the beginning, but its never too late to improve.

2) Fix VYR set - VYR set has already been re-designed, added set pieces to make it supposedly the best set to use when it comes to playing Archon build. But we all know what's going on now, that is nobody uses VYR now except for fun runs when things get boring. And please, for goodness sake, Firebird-Archon is fine, but the logic should be VYR is BEST for Archon builds (p.s. stop making Firebirds difficult to use!).

3) Firebirds set - The mechanics have been confusing from the start, and you guys just keep twisting it around for many seasons and unable to feel satisfied. Look, this is supposed to be BEST set for Channeling builds, and with the latest twist that needs 3 different skills, I rather use Tals. This is dumb, please just get it right, cuz it ain't Archon's fault for being too strong for this set but rather VYR set is BROKEN!

4) DMO set - It was a fun and refreshing set to use for resource-costing spell casts for a short while until Tals and Firebirds took over. Look, it ain't their fault, its just that you guys plant this seed and failed to water and tune it every season, so its simple become a wittered plant.

5) LON set - This is supposed to be the most GG set for all classes, having considering the toughness to get all 13-pieces of ancient gears of different types. Why wizards use this? Cuz its simply too under-powered for the effort put in! Its ridiculous that channel skills take way longer time to kill mobs with Firebirds gear. **Gentle reminder: it ain't Firebirds fault, just need to power up LON!!

6) Gear combos just to make a build - The finest example is Archon build. Just look at the amount of efforts require to use it decently, not just about achieving high GR clears. You need:
a) VYR or Firebirds full set,
b) Compass rose+amulet for power boost,
c) Chants set for that big damage wave of force,
d) zodiac ring for faster CDR,
e) swami helm to keep you alive when Archon dies off,
f) orb of depth for extra defence+offence%... just too much gears required!!

7) Passive skills -
a) Blur is sort of 'compulsory' for much needed defence, but why only 17%?? Is that some developer's lucky number? Listen, its not sufficient!
b) Elemental Exposure, 4 elements hogging 4 out of 6 skill slots to max it out at only 20% damage and its only additive and not multiplicative, cant even feel the increase of DPS!

I'll stop from here, the above are probably a load of stuffs developers should look into it to make Wizard a better class to play with. Hope fellow Wizard users will contribute as well. Cheers and peace out!

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