Hi all!

Started playing a bit more after a hiatus (real life...moving, work, etc.). Missed some of my D3 comrades too ;)

What's new and good?

I saw there is a T-13 and some new builds. Anything I should be focusing on to get back into the game?
12/02/2016 08:15 PMPosted by HosiosLoukas
Anything I should be focusing on to get back into the game?

Twisters are dead. Do you like Archon?

Tal/Vyr Archon is great for farming. There's a few other non-Archon T13 efficient builds as well, although they generally aren't quite as good as Tal/Vyr Archon. But will work just fine if that's your style. Tal's channeling can work, Tal's EB will work. If you don't mind sticking to T11 -- and nothing wrong with that, it's kind of like back in S4 when T10 first came out and T8 was more efficient for most people -- there are more options. EB shines more in T11 than T13 IMO. And Tal's Blades works better in T11 vs. T13 too.

For pushing, it's all FB Archon.

Oh, and they changed the Firebird bonus. No more one fire skill builds. Rip FireRasha. Need three different fire skills to trigger the burns. Magic Weapon: Ignite counts. And if you use the Combustion rune for Archon, each of the three Archon attacks counts. So does the Chantodo's wave if you have fire damage on your gear.
Firebird + Archon is the current best solo wizard build (and best in game?)

Firebats Witch Doctor is a very good group DPS spec.

We have a bunch of viable T13 bulds. WoH, Arcane Orbit, Channeling meteor, and if you wait for next patch, chain lightning and static discharge based builds will clear T13 pretty easily too.
Wb Hosios.
Welcome back!

For T13 rifts this is my favorite clearer at the moment:
  • http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82163

I also use this one for T11 and T12, since those are still efficient levels to grind.
  • http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82170

While EB damage is less than Archon, the playstyle when farming Torments is easier, at least for me.
Thanks guys for the warm welcome back and the good insights. Time for me to start farming better archon gear!

Imagine cool down is best in slot, right?
12/04/2016 06:05 AMPosted by HosiosLoukas
Imagine cool down is best in slot, right?


For FB Archon, you need 60% to sync your Archon cooldown with your CoE cycle (120*(1-0.6) = 48 = 3 CoE cycles) so you pop Archon at the start of fire, and then get fire for the last 4 seconds of Archon too. 60% is CDR everywhere but amulet. You don't need max rolls everywhere (that would give you 62.63%), but you can't hit 60% if you are missing a roll entirely.

With Tal/Vyr Archon you have Obsidian Ring and In-Geom, so you have a little more flexibility. You can run it as low as 50%, but I wouldn't go any lower than that. It definitely feels better with 55% or 60%.
^ Thanks T!
WB Hosios! Tinne has basically summed it up. Hope you like archon...

For coop GR zdps wiz is ok as well, but some groups will prefer standard meta only (dps monk, dps WD, zdps monk, zdps barb).
Welcome Back Hosios. Is there really a world outside Tristam???? :)

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