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when we had a huge announcement of a ''big'' thing going on for the Diablo community and a special Diablo project i was really excited as i was picturing a possible expansion that would finally solve many of the core problems with the current game .

needless to say ,like many people i was deeply disapointed...

here's some points i would make sure to rectify if id had the power to remake the whole entire D3 all over again but without a bunch of core issues... i'm no game director or game dev but if i could those would be some points id love to see.

-10 players per game simultaniously .
-a good pvp system, 1v1 pvp and team pvp 2v2 up to 5v5 pvp
- a proper drop rate of legendaries to have legendary feel much more rewarding
-a good trading system.
-mercenaries are actually worth it and can be just as strong as you with just as much equipement and skills
-a competitive ladder board for PvP, boss rush , and different kinds of monthly challenges.
-a mode called adventure wouldnt be always be the same feeling and would actualy be fun to explore the world, and all act would be linked together on one big map.
-special events would trigger for finding specials areas
-player on a higher difficutly got a 0.01% chance to encouter a special boss and invite other player to help defeating it, and each participatiing player would be rewarded with a special item,
-the story mode event's would had massive changes upon the maps, cities and areas.
-a skill tree system that can be changed by the player to try new possibilities and not locking the skill and character possibilities.(resetting a skill tree would require going trough an event )
-combining skills, ex: a class that could cast stone pillars to temporary come out of the ground to block or trap minions could have that same attack targeted by an class that would electrify all those pillars creating a giant electrical cage.
( just a random idea )
-items in the game could be acquired and combined unto skills to modify them.
-those different items could be combined together but for this time help improving certain specs of equipment or unlock events in the game.
-boss battle where portion of the map becomes completely destroyed or unusable.
-boss battle were the player can be overrun by minions.
-boss that when they die triggers more events or a huge wave of minions rushing in.
-having to escape areas ex: burning building, collapsing temples, ruins and such. )
-environment that can be destroyed or trigger much bigger destruction in the areas which can open access to other routes or areas of the game.
-environment destruction will actually kill stuff.
-multiple PvP arena and pvp could be also triggered in the open world.
- specific items when equipped or in the inventory can give access to higher tiers of skills.
-enemies could pop out really fast, like a giant golem busting out a wall and rushing for the player. or zombies breaking up the floor and grabing the player... instead of zombies slowwwwwwly walking off a wall..
-fast game play, fast enemies, players and skills.
-combine 2 legendary effects to either stacks the same effects or add different one onto an other. an item couldnt be combined more then one.
-dps would be adjusted that max level difficulty would be gauged to fit a pvp match between players.
-pvp arenas and general maps would have hazards like lava, falling rocks, thunders and such that would damage all including players and monsters.
-story mode would have side quest elements carrying from different locations to sometimes different acts. (ex: an broken tablet, that the player can find all fragment which once all found , triggers a quest to possibly an other act )
-some quest element that if not done correctly would had an actual impact at the end games of the game or possibly the final boss fight.
-saving people would actually matter as their death or life could affect , trigger or avoid certain event in the game.
-gameplay control and camera angles could be changed for fitting different kind of play styles, also making it compatible for a controler on PC
-Pc and console are on the same servers.
-build would be made so that no true top tier exist and every build could have a form or viability .
-in story mode the player may have multiple mercenaries at once so even if they decide to go healing build the mercenaries can still take care of mobs and bosses.
-the music would be much more faithful to the soundtrack of the preceding games

i know thats makes alot but i guess i just have to vent a little from the ''news'' we had.. XD

anyone else lol ?
i agree!!!

but sorry to say that this wont ever happen..feelsbadman d3 is dead
ever wondered what would happened if games we're made by gamers FOR gamers ?

lets switch the game directors and devs for other gamers annd see what happens lol XD

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