Played PoE again today...

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I installed it a couple months ago. Played for a bit then returned to it today for a change of scenery.

It's really complex compared to D3. The skill tree is insane and gives endless build options. Drops are more diverse and usable, more like D2. It has a very similar feel to D2. In fact I feel the graphics and gameplay physics is where D2 would be if it were remastered in HD.

Anyway, it doesn't make me hate D3 because at the end of the day, D3 is a totally different game. More arcade and less RPG.

That's my take. I like PoE though. I just gotta get my head around the gameplay mechanics a bit better but I'll definitely play more.

My 2c.

Cheers :)
Yeah, PoE is pretty cool, played it a lot when it was in beta, but decided to wait unti they finish the whole thing before I really care to go back. Think they said their would be like 11 or so acts at that time, haven't really kept up with it too much.

I just play the real deal.
Lately been on D2 1.09, Hardcore. Currently at the Durance of Hate on normal.
Still nothing better than good old D2, especially when you can choose what patch you want to play.
mods moved your thread

Well, maybe it was the wrong forum, lol. 31 posts so I didn't know.

Says a lot though.

Cheers :)
POE is not an easy game to swallow. For example I myself installed and uninstalled it like 5 times before it took me by surprise with it's immersion. The more you play, the deeper and more entertaining it gets. I never said that d3 is a horrible game too, but once you get swallowed by POE you understand that blizzards devs have no clue what a good arpg game is.
11/17/2016 10:27 AMPosted by Gameo
decided to wait unti they finish the whole thing
you'll be waiting forever, then. they continually add to it. this is a good thing.
All the game needs, for me, is to add physics. Attacks have no sense of power, crunch, strength. Nothing, hollow, boring, so 2000.

Tried getting back into it yesterday. After about 20 minutes is all I can take. Even Dungeon Siege had physics on certain creatures. So pathetic.

It's such an eyesore to see dead bodies clip through the environment, stiff as boards.

GRIM DAWN with such a smaller budget has implemented physics FFS.
Well the new season starts December 2nd. So get ready. :)
Congrats! That game i can´t dig it, I´m playing Torchlight 2 and i´m having a blast
breach + dx11 = good game
Ya I have reinstalled PoE again myself, haven't played since 2013 or early 2014, I can't remember. They definitely improved on it a lot, even the look of it. The community is fun also, like just today I was just leveling, watching global chat, some spam bot announce a 3rd party website, instantly without communication many random players doted the bot message out quick. I thought it was funny, community fighting back with dot spams.

Even though D3 has amazing combat system and other cool stuff like the cube Etc, But PoE offers so much more in theory build crafting/content/dark gothic evil feel/look to it in certain areas, definitely what I've been wanting in D3. Will this ever happen in D3? who knows time will tell, but till then PoE has won me over for now.

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