Vyr's arcane blast and strike not freezing.

Bug Report
When utilizing Vyr's Archon. Archon's arcane blast and strike moves are not freezing a target unless the slowtime rune is chosen. Selecting a elemental rune for archon also forces combustion and chantodo's wave to damage in this element.

This is an issue for those of us who have geared for a different element other than cold, but still wish for our Archon attacks to freeze the target. This will be especially useful for those wishing to drop Halo of Arlyse for the new Manald Heal.

Can also add an additional detail: If you have cold damage on gear, then the strike and blast will freeze things even with a non-cold rune on your bar.

So the Archon abilities freeze things if you have cold damage on your gear and/or the cold rune on your bar, but not otherwise.

This is still a big problem for non-cold Vyr's builds though. Because of the bug with Chantodo's Wave and the Combustion explosion, the rune on your bar must match the highest elemental type on your gear for these two things to have their damage buffed by the elemental % on your gear. Detailed here by BDF: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/18300179956

So long story short, in a Manald Heal lightning Vyr's build, you'll want to have lightning % on your gear. And then you'll be forced to put the lightning rune on your bar in order for your Chantodo's Wave damage to benefit from the lightning % on your gear. So you won't have the Archon attacks freezing things at all.

This is a problem if you are trying to replace Halo of Arylse freezes with Paralysis stuns/freezes from Archon attacks. Which you should get via Vyr's 2-piece bonus granting all of the runes, but are currently not.
Please fix so we can potentially drop Halo of Arlyse on Vyr!
This bug is a huge detriment to any melee-ish Vyr build that wants to use the new Manald Heal ring, and go without Halo of Arlyse. Chantodos is an appealing pick for this type of build, as is the freeze effects from the cold rune.

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