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So I looked around and got conflicting reports on how to obtain one now so I'm posting for clarification. Do I still need to get the mats like usual out do I need to disenchanted legendary items? I'm playing on the ps4.

Thanks in advance!
still need mats. google it. ps4 or pc is the same
Ok, thank you!
Same method as PC as follows:

Wirt's Bell: Squirt Merchant in Act 2
Mushroom: Cathedral Level 1 (Off-shoot spot)
Leoric's Shinbone: Leoric's Manor (Fireplace spot)
Gibbering Gemstone: Caverns of Frost Level 2 (Chiltara has to spawn, and is rarest material for Staff of Herding)
Liquid Rainbow: Mysterious Cave Level 1 (Mysterious Chest)
On the PS4 you need less mats!
There is a console forum.

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