No 32bit check box in game options?

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No 32bit check box in game options? I have been reading where people say it's very simple to change to 32bit to make the game work better but when I go to where they say to go in the client game settings I don't see a checkbox. Instead it says additional command line adjustments. I don't even know what that means
Hey Quakerninja,

The currently is not an option to change the Mac version of Diablo III between 32-bit and 64-bit. The Mac client for Diablo III is only 32-bit at this time. We are working on creating a 64-bit version for Macs.

There may be some other options to help Diablo III run better on your computer. First we need to know what specifically is happening when you run Diablo III on the computer?
Some of the other reports said it has something to do with windowed full screen, switching between a browser tab and then back to the game again, or having a tab on a browser that's running something in flash. I usually have chrome with youtube playlist going, or twitch e sports, or podcast I listen to when I play. I try to turn the settings down when I am in game so it's not on HD or anything. I will notice some lag spike in game then a few moments, or sometimes instantly my screen will turn black and the computer will force restart. I know it's an older computer but I can't afford an upgrade, do I need to be worried. It's a mid 2010 iMac 27 inch Running OS10.12.2 (16C67) Thank you for your help.
Updated to the latest OS, still getting force restarts. I'm not even pushing that hard, I'm just doing goblin farming route on Torment level 3 looking for cosmic wings. It even crashes in lower population maps where I'm not fighting big mobs. Do we know what's causing this yet?
doesn't seem like right topic for it. it just sounds like you're crashing do to an overheat or something. you'd have to investigate it at os level. since OS will trigger boot usually do to hardware overheat, to prevent damage/mechanical failure. try lower fps cap. try cooler room or even external fan to help circulate hot air away from machine

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