Method for Ancients?

How do you guys typically get pieces of Ancient gear?

Are you cubing the reforge with an existing leg/set piece, or just endlessly grinding for new drops/blood shard/upgrading rares in cube?

I've just started pushing T12/GR58(?), and got the belt and wrist for U6-SSS build yesterday. Now it's a matter of upgrading slots. Reforging seems way to costly time wise getting the crafting mats when I could just be doing GRs for paragons but don't know if that's correct or not.
Reforging is best used on weapons and jewelry since they have a much higher shard cost, especially on hard to drop items like Fist of Az and the like. Upgrading rares and shards are easier for most armor drops since the lower shard cost and general higher drop rate for gg armor pieces in general. There are exceptions of course like Witching Hour that you might want to reforge but upgrades are generally your best bet.
Okay. So if farming mats is necessary for tons of reforges, what's the optimal way of farming bounty mats?

Do you run a couple torment levels lower and to try and get more legendaries semi quickly, or run way lower and just one shot bosses for max speed?
I've spent a lot of time doing bounties for reforging, probably way too much, and yet, the way things turned out, the majority of my pieces ended up being drops- not even rolls from blood shards- that just appeared when I least expected them to. I'd suggest just doing (greater) rifts as much as possible, and then turn to reforging only when you're really desperate, except for weapons and jewelry as Khord said, but even then, upgrading rares can be more time economical.

And never do bounties solo.
Just keep doing tons of rifts, bounties and GR in groups the best way for me. I've farmed a dozen or so for my monk and DH that way.
I usually stick to upgrade rare because DB is easy with T13 in group. I don't usually reforge because getting FS is hard and boring. The best way to get FS is to speed run GR60 or whatever GR that you can do comfortably in solo mode. Solo is boring for me.

Don't do bounties unless you are short of bounties mats or you need the bounties legendary. The bottleneck is FS. You should have more than enough bounties mats for reroll.
Ah, that's what I was missing. Everyone is grouping to do this stuff.

Might be time to start looking for a clan.

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