Horrible FPS still 32/64bit on a 1080gtx

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I am pretty sure it has something to do with how the game uses a single thread/core on the CPU, sound is also handled by it. In situations where the game comes to a crawl the GPU load just goes Down while the CPU remains relatively high, this to me is a bottleneck. Rhakkis Crossing is still a choke point in this game even with the 64-bit client. I am sad to see that Blizzard hasn't addressed the core issues here, only added some SSAO, AA and Bloom (which we could add via drivers/SweetFX). The CPU/Sound issues still persist all while the competition which doesn't have one fraction of Blizzard's funds is making strides in their multicore utiliziation in DX11 (You know what game).

My specs:
- i7 4790K
- GTX 1070
- 16 GB G.Skill Trident X 1866 8CL
- 500 GB Samsung EVO SSD
After reading the above comment and monitoring my own CPU usage, the fix for me was setting ingame physics to low & driver physx to gtx 1060(not sure if the driver setting makes a difference since Diablo 3 doesnt use "physx" as far as I know).

Was previously getting fps drops into the 30's, the 16 channel sound fix "helped" a little with avg fps but didnt prevent really low fps drops & cut out alot of ingame sounds, I'm still running 128 in the video below with onboard ALC1150.

No more fps drops below 100, max settings 1920x1080, x4 multisample:
i7-6700k@4.5ghz 1.32v /w Deepcool Maelstrom 240T
PALIT GTX 1060 6gb Super Jetstream
2x8gb 3100mhz DDR4 G.Skill Ripjaws V 16-16-16-38-1T@1.36v
MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Motherboard
Seasonic Platinum 660XP 660W
2x Sandisk Ultra II 960gb Raid 1(OS+Games+Media)
2x Transcend 256gb SSD370S Raid 1(Recording)
Windows 10 x64

got my new rig i9 7920x, 1080Ti with 32g ram and 15-25 fps in 4 player... so sad :/
01/21/2017 02:40 AMPosted by Jo3y
After reading the above comment and monitoring my own CPU usage, the fix for me was setting ingame physics to low & driver physx to gtx 1060(not sure if the driver setting makes a difference since Diablo 3 doesnt use "physx" as far as I know).

Thanks for your advice. It works for me too.
Driver physx setting to GTX 1080Ti (or whatever you have) is the critical point.
Thanks a lot again. At the end i play normal with 1440p.

*Asus Strix GTX1080Ti OC edition
*2x8gb Gskill Tridentz RGB 3200C16D
*Asus Maximus IX Code Motherboard
*Corsair RM850X
*Samsung NVMe SSD 960 Pro 512 GB
*Asus Swift PG278QR Gaming Monitor
*Windows 10 Enterprise
01/05/2017 11:43 AMPosted by Undisputedx

edit: by the way, it doesn't matter how many cores your CPU has, diablo 3 only runs of a single core. does not utilize more than 1 core EVER.

Well. I believe this is true and it does explain a reason why my overall gameplay has never changed between the four different computers I've played Diablo III with. In the end when building a DIY system; CPU Single Core Score over everything else... Sadly this means that my AM2+ Phenom X3 8550 2.3GHz with 2MB of level 3 cache gets less stutters than my newer DIY FM2+ Athlon X4 845 3.5GHz without a level 3 cache... After all of this... It's not even funny that my old Intel Core2duo laptop with an external GPU can play this better than my most recent build.
01/05/2017 09:17 AMPosted by Avalanche
People , People... Its the patch, its bad, bad , bad and you will need to wait until Blizzard fixes it or Nvidia , AMD releases a hotfix.

A buddy of mine just built the Rig to beat all rigs and it has the FPS lag just like the rest of minions.

Win 10 pro w/ latest drivers
Asus x99 Deluxe II
Intel I7 extreme (10 CORES :0 )
64 gigs of DDR4 3333
Samsung 950 pro NVMe
Titan X 12gig mem

If those specs lag below 4K res its the game! QA failed us here!

My rig:
MSI Gaming M7
Intel i7 6700K
3x 256SSD in Raid 0
AMD 390x
16gig DDR4 2666

Running @ 4K did not stutter before the patch. Now it does.
Best Post I have seen in while lol -)))
Guess they never fixed it. Still a problem in season 13, can't do groups too laggy
Suggest post your Nvidia control panel settings vs Diablo3 video options. Some have posted tweaks that worked for them. Suggest post to Geoforce forums as I rarely see Diablo3 issues posted there.
Official 391.01 Game Ready WHQL Display Driver Feedback Thread (Released 2/26/18)

For GeForce driver issues, please leave feedback in driver feedback form: https://surveys.nvidia.com/index.jsp?pi=6e7ea6bb4a02641fa8f07694a40f8ac6
Guess this was never fixed right?

Since the latest patch, may 29th, im getting huge FPS drops.
Usually steady at 80-100, but every once in a while, in multiplayer games, it drops to 0, getting a 10-15 second freeze lag. Then it comes back and usually im really dead.

I dont have a bad PC, and its never been an issue before the latest patch. Even played between the seasons, 13 and 14, without any stuttering at all.

Then they did those "serverside performance fixes" and everything went bad.
The microstuttering constantly ive learned to play with. But theres no way in hell to learn to play with a 10 second freezelag every 2 minutes or so.

Can this really be a sound issue?
I mean, getting 0 FPS kinda means absolute zero, freezepoint..
I really should be able to play D3 at lowest graphic settings since i can play Skyrim on medium-high settings without any hiccup at all.

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