The Barber equipped on Enchantress

Bug Report
I have know idea what is going on. I swapped the Barber onto Enchantress because it was better than hers while I was leveling during my season. It's drops a blue particle shower on top of and it takes her to her knees. What the hell did you do?

I think you need to make the Barber a ceremonial knife rather than a dagger. This would disallow equipping it on anything but a witch doctor. For giggles I tried it on the Templar. And sure enough, down on his knees he goes.

It's actually a pretty funny animation. Too bad the Scoundrel can't equip a dagger.
The same here. Must be bug with the Barber.
I equiped it to my Tempar and he died in a few seconds in some strange blue light.
The strange light effect is the same as from Spirit Barrage - Phantasm rune.

And even "Follower can't die" - item doesn't help.

Played a little bit around, even if you equip the weapon for a second and then unequip, the Phantasm effect stays and kills the follower.
The same is happening to me!
Playing as Witch Doctor! The barber is killing my Templar!
Same issue with my Templar. Give him a different weapon because it just keeps killing him.

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