Sound Choppy using crusader blessed hammer

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As topic says when using blessed hammer the sound is very choppy. Other skills to until blessed hammer stops. Played a thorns build in a week and had no sound error at all, never had a sound error since launch of diablo 3.
Same error if another player enter a group and running blessed hammer.
I have been having this problem as well and the people in my group get the same choppy/distorted sound as well when it happens.
I have the exact problem, the sound almost dissapear when hammer is used and after riding the horse the sound stutters.
I experienced the same.
Exactly the same problem. Encountered several times, my friends want me to go back thorns, but i refuse. Blizzard please fix this as soon as possible :)
same here blessed hammer is chopping up the sound.
+1. Can definitely pinpoint the issue on Blessed Hammer usage.
It was doing it with my thorns build too. But it definately sounds worse with hammer. And i have the cubed ability to spawn a hammer with every hit, so you can imagine, the sound is extremely choppy. very annoying. I even opened up my computer case thinking i had a wire loose or something. glad I'm not alone in this.
Before I switched to hammer build, it seemed to happen the most at the edges of the screen, for what it's worth.
I just started playing again for the first time since launch and thought my computer was the problem! I have only played a Crusader and have noticed this problem with pretty much every pull.
yep same problem here
and it´s even worse in party!
posted thread as well
I have this extremely annoying problem as well. Please fix or let us know how to fix if it is a client issue.

I have a beast of a PC, Windows 10, using the 64 bit client.
I too have this problem, playing as or with another Hammerdin
Yes, been experiencing this with my hammerdin since the season started too. Pretty weird.
I'm having the same issue. Tried playing in 32 and 64 bit mode, tried changing the sound channels, tried playing in windowed vs fullscreen. Nothing has helped so far. I basically just don't have sound when I'm running rifts, haha.
Same problem, I thought that was some audio channels problem or something with 64 bit client.
Blizzard can you please address this problem? Just acknowledge that you are aware of it?
I'm having the same problem. Tried every version of audio driver, 32bit, 64bit. Glad to find that I'm not alone.
+1 hammerdins are ruining multiplayer gameplay with choppy sound and visual lag.
i got the same problem whit my crusader and blizz say it's my pc fault to check my drivers and other things omg. i got all update and running fine, but the seeker of light set got some problems in hammers .

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