Patch 2.4.3 is Crash-a-lishis

Technical Support
Report ID: 667419FE-3B59-4746-A59A-847252E19C4C

No issues with 2.4.2.

Latency is close to 1 second at times. Speed test indicates 21ms to ping an ATT server. Download speed is 7.8Mbps.

2 video cards running in SLI. The card presenting the game resets almost constantly while the other is happy as a clam. System has an i7, gobs o' ram, 2 SSDs running in RAID.

This time the game just gave up the ghost and reported that it encountered an unexpected error. Other times has required a hard reset as the game hangs.
Hello Deco!

Sorry to hear about the crashes ><

I looked up the report and it is an issue the developers are currently investigating.

Have you checked to ensure your operating system and video drivers are up to date?

Updating Your Drivers and Operating System

If still no luck, you can return to using the classic 32-bit client (this patch introduced a 64-bit client with advanced graphics support, and there are some kinks we have to iron out now that we're seeing how it works on the landscape of all players' computers, not just our test rigs and PTR participants):

Toggling 32-Bit Mode

Best of luck in your adventures :)
Downloaded and installed the new patch. Everything seems to be running fine, except there is no curser on the screen. I can move the mouse around and the keys will highlight and activate when the invisible curser happens to track over them. I can not use the game now. How can I remove the 2.4.3 so that it will be playable again??????????

MSG Grumpy
Just downloaded the new patch and went to go play....all my drivers and everything are up to date. And yet, after the patch whenever I try to open Diablo my whole computer crashes, just shuts downs and reboots.

Seriously, do you guys even pretend to test this !@#$ before letting it go live?

Switching to the 32 bit client, here's hoping it helps.
Getting crash and freezing cant play season 9 at all, since patch 32 bit same thing everything up-to date

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