Fundamental flaws with Diablo 3

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Everything I'm going to say will have been said by all the posters above, but let me be a pest and add my two cents.

1 - Lack of RPG elements.
Play D3 feels more like decorating a Christmas tree than playing a RPG. Our characters are the trees, and paragon, gears and gems, etc the ornaments. Just like a plastic tree, our characters can never grow or change, they are all the same and we feel no emotional investment in them at all.

Replace paragon w. skill tree, and make paragon selections permanent. There should be a balance of character development and gears. Now it's 100% gear, no development.

2 - Too much grinding, insufficient gaming
You repeatedly smack left/right mouse buttons and sometimes hit number keys 1-4, there is little thought or strategy that goes into the process. Often the screen is a cluster!@#$ with special effects going off all over the place. Player can't even tell where his character is let alone thinking about the best approach. There is zero skill in playing D3, this makes game play repetative.

I don't have a suggestion for this problem and I don't think it's fixable at this point. The players' skill should have some impact on the outcome of the games, and players should be able to learn such skills by playing the game. This makes the game personally rewarding. In D3 your character becomes powerful becomes you grinded long enough for good gears to drop, not because you got good at it, making the game shallow.

3 - Fragmented player base and endless power creep
First there are season and non-season players, then there are almost 20 difficulty levels, and for each difficulty level, 5 game modes. These are all necessitated because of power creep.

Reduce down to 3-5 difficulty levels. Allow player to search for games based on game type across difficulty levels.
End power creep. Paragon should no longer enhance primary stat but does something for interesting like character development.
Power creep makes white, blue, green and legendary items basically useless. Why feel the game with junk?
1: Limited trading system.
2: Lack of build diversity outside set items.
3: Greater Rifts and Paragon levels.

Rifts and Greater Rifts are just ridiculous, they created a spot in the game for leveling, something Diablo II didn't do, to encourage 'exploration of different areas throughout the game'

Something I think they should reconsider when pushing rifts as the main area for leveling, instead of encouraging people to explore the game, they're just encouraging them to explore the tilesets, not the actual areas outside of bounties, which are given limited use.
Pretty much everything that's been said, i not only agree with, i've actually said before myself, as far back as a year after release in 2013. It's nice to see so many people coming out in support of these ideas!

My top issues:
1. Lack of game world persistence, consequence, and player agency. -- We should be building and rebuilding attackable, destructible towns, fortresses, and safe harbors as a community in-game against the forces of the Burning Hells or High Heavens. We should be able to change the landscape of the persistent world, and push the tides of the Eternal Conflict in 3-way PvPvE. And our characters should be able to acquire permanent scars and wounds, and in certain zones, be at risk of perma-death.

2. Lack of gothic horror atmosphere. -- The game's art style is gothic and dark, to a degree, but the atmosphere completely lacks the gothic, dark, and terrifying feeling that the Diablo franchise should have come to represent by now. Fighting supernatural forces should not be something that feels routine. The game needs to take itself a lot more seriously. More displayed and implied torture of innocents; More scenes of the dark side seducing evil, power-hungry mortals into inviting the most chthonic horrors imaginable into our world; More in-game, interactive lore that demonstrates how low-level, animal-like demons are able to enter Sanctuary of their own volition, while the most powerful demons (and angels) must be invited in. Give us a truly gothic, and horrifying setting. And then give us the agency to change it for the better or the worse as heroes or villains. And when it comes time to face true evil, it needs to be a fight where everything is on the line, for both sides, and the only way to win is to have mastered gameplay skills as the player (not the character - the character should be a digital extension of your own body and psyche). There should be some risk that the game will cause you actual psychological trauma. You should be scared to even log in, for fear that your avatar could actually get injured, or out of fear of what you're going to see this time.

3. Lack of game balance sufficient for tournament-level PvP. -- This isn't just a question of numbers, but of ideas and gameplay format. It's long past time to push the genre. Mix turn-based with real-time action by going to a real-time quest format. This involves 1) making more zones fixed, and fewer random, and making them smaller; 2) having teams arrive on the map via some form of transportation (al la XCom). If you're killed, you're out of the quest (ie: match) unless a teammate revives you; 3) and then, at last, in such a situation, you turn most of the special abilities on your skill bar into timed events with multi-minute cooldowns, or limited uses per quest. So it's still an action-RPG, but one in which strategy, timing, and resourcefulness are just as important to victory as the amount of damage you deal.

Another thing that has massive impact on balance in that format, and almost no impact in the current one, is attack speed. If you spec to deal massive damage with low attack frequency, you risk being overrun by large quantities of smaller foes. If you spec to deal moderate damage with high attack frequency, you can one-shot mass quantities of pests, but have to rely on your heavy hitter to deal with enemy heavies.

So those are my top 3 - Persistence, Atmosphere, and Balance. Maybe we'll see something like this in D4. (Dark Dreams Don't Die? ... hmm)
the only Fundamental flaw with Diablo 3, is that, as soon as i install and play it, i get randon dc's while playing
12/09/2016 05:59 PMPosted by MissCheetah
12/09/2016 05:54 PMPosted by RedCell
1. Communication
2. Communication
3. Communication

That does not fix the game, only player perception of it. They get all our input, they just don't tell us what they do with it and by and large, they don't agree. What you really want is for them to actually DO what we say (not largely going to happen) and to tell us why they won't. Valid concern of course.

What do you want them to communicate more on and how?

Edit- not criticising you, just trying to get you to lay out the details of what you want so the CMs and Devs see them.

Well, the issue I have is that, and you can tell from this thread, that people seem to be pointing out the same problems over and over. So for example, people complain that they cannot find others to play with because there are now something like 15-20 difficulties to choose from. This should really be narrowed down to only a few.

Fact is these devs will never listen because they refuse to put anything in the game which was from blizzard north guys. They seem to absolutely hate them for some reason.
01/10/2017 09:42 AMPosted by TakeNotes
people seem to be pointing out the same problems over and over. So for example, people complain that they cannot find others to play with because there are now something like 15-20 difficulties to choose from. This should really be narrowed down to only a few.

pardon... some already said that t7-13 are overkill and this will happen... some said during t6 times that some difficulties are useless... however we will probably see t14-t16 soon... gues why...

actually this is not about listening... this is more about our devs/ceos vision and the 1-2 hour per week playerbase... they are happy with the current state of the game...
1) Story mode is annoying. The story is told by interrupting the player at every turn.

2) Maps are boring, they pretty much railroad you in one direction. As a point of comparison Diablo 1 had a maze, Diablo 2 had a huge open terrain.

3) Your character feels generic rather than *your character*, no skill or stat choices.

4) Does not feel like gothic horror anymore - classes, atmosphere and music are all partly to blame.
12/09/2016 08:31 AMPosted by TakeNotes
I would like to start a real discussion regarding the fundamental flaws with this game. List 3 flaws you feel break the game:

1) Weapons based DPS
2) Lack of skill trees
3) Too many useless legendaries

1.I'm gonna add that sets also are and items in general that are mandatory for that 1 skill to work in higher content.
2. Lack of build diversity, every class with particular build is 90%+ the same
3. Completely dislike paragon
4. Big problems with the endgame, grifts are just boring, they really should refresh the endgame
5. Items have 0 value because there is no economy, feels like a single player game yet requires internet connection:D
6. PvP or PvP arena's? I personally am more of a PvM player but i know a lot of players want it so gonna throw it in
7. Free respec at any time and when they in future release that wardrobe it will completely kill the incentive to roll same class if you got one already, which kills replayability
8. 4-2 mods on items are just bland and boring, everyone wants same stats because there is no diversity
9. A little bit sad to see that people aren't using rares in the late game, for me vanilla version in regards to that was better
I disagree with pretty much every single point made in this thread. The game is extremely satisfying and well polished, it's just that everyone on these forums has played way too much and refuses to take a break to play some other games. I don't get why people expect it should be possible to play D3 24/7 and never run out of stuff to do or never get bored. This thread is just more whining from entitled players.
12/09/2016 04:37 PMPosted by ItsOnlyLuck
1) Activision
2) Activision
3) Activision

Just look what blizzard became since 2008, a non player oriented moneygrabbing milkmachine. Before that fusion it was about 50% money 50% player, nowdays it is 90% money and 10% their ego.

This kind of nailed it.
1. Lack of build diversity

I still have my d2 save folder on my pc, and the variety of different builds in that folder dwarfs the total number of usable builds in D3, and I had bare;y scratched the surface of what was possible in D2. Hell, I was even able to make a sword n' board Amazon that worked wonderfully well (despite the Amazon being gimped with a super slow blocking speed). That kind of off-the-wall character building is impossible in D3.

As a personal sub-point, my favourite skill in the game is Strafe. At no point in the 4.5 year history of this game has it been possible to make a viable end-game Strafer. Why the hell is this the case? Why go to the bother of designing the skill in the first place?

2. Lack of character customisation and development

This is a role-playing game. Where's the role-playing? Where's the ability to make my character unique? Where are the meaningful choices? Where is the ability to power up my skills?

3. RNG

Why are 99% of the legendary items I find absolute trash? Why is the chance high when I find the particular item I'm looking for it will be rubbish? Why do I waste 15 minutes of time to be granted with the chance of 0 upgrades, rendering that 15 minutes a complete waste? Why is the end game designed in such a way that people don't even bother playing 99% of the Greater Rifts they open? D2 had the randomisation aspect of items right. 1 or 2 stats variable on each unique, the rest fixed. There was thus a perfectly rolled item to pursue, but a worst possible roll was still usable in the meantime. Rare items were where the RNG ran free. This combo of predictable but still variable uniques and unpredictably random rares worked perfectly. In D3, the legendaries are unpredictably random, and the rares completely useless.
01/11/2017 06:00 AMPosted by nswhorse
Why are 99% of the legendary items I find absolute trash?

even if you remove all RNG from items and make all stats and values fixed, then 99+% of the legendary items will still be trash...
You can see at D2 where 99+% of the uniques dropped go straight to the blacksmith....

01/11/2017 06:00 AMPosted by nswhorse
In D3, the legendaries are unpredictably random, and the rares completely useless.

the legies aren't completely random, many have only 1-2 random primary affixes these days...
that rares are completely useless is the communities fault, community demanded legies/set to always outshine rare and well, blizzard delivered...
1-) Don't be scared to let people having fun.

What's the worse that can happen? You unlock access to more skills, ppl will make new builds, possibly breaking the meta like happened on PTR. And so what ? Ppl are having fun, let them have it. - Make mistakes now, apologise later

2-) GGG is coming to this very forum and implement the ideas into PoE

While the valuable feedback ppl are giving on this forum don't matter to you, other are taking advantage of it. Which in a way mean there is a value.

3-) Don't be scared to surprise us

Most of the ppl here complaining/giving constructive feedback have a deep love for the game, and will jump right back on the boat in a heartbeat if there is the slight reason to do so.

What does it take to assign one staff member to figure why so many people are pissed and leave on to other games ?

4-) Just let us know you care :)

Out with the flaws in with the fixes.

1.Remove all direct skill damage multipliers on gear, meaning multiples of skill or weapon damage in percentage. Example: Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush, and Wave of Light consume a stack of Sweeping Wind to deal 3000% increased damage. And replace with modifications that change how the skill works like: Gain two additional rays of Heaven’s Fury.
2.Balance all skills
3.Balance all gear
4.Balance all gear attributes, offensive and defensive. Example: CC, CD, vit, resistances, change to block, etc.
5.Remove all cool downs on damage dealing skills and adjust resource cost accordingly.
6.Reduce full set bonuses to 4 pieces.
7.Balance all Gems and add more socketables. Example green gem in weapon is the only viable option.
8.Balance builds. Once builds emerge, tune them in ptr's.
9.Balance classes to each other
10.Implement a system in which sheet DPS is not completely dependant on your weapon.
11.Re-work the paragon system so it effects skills not attributes allready on gear. Preferably an Active and Passive skill points system.
12.Remove experience and damage power creep from the development plan. Never should any experience gained or gear acquired become obsolete.
13.Lower base damage to a point where endgame pvp becomes a viable option.
14.Introduce pvp.
15.Make legendary items legendary again, drastically reduce legendary item drop rates and the RNG on legendary items. Remove Kadala & the Mystic and make the cube very expensive. Make Legendary items have more guaranteed rolls with reduced stat ranges. Legendary items should be great to godly not insta salvage to godly.
16.Re-introduce trading.
17.Adjust the game to have a darker tone & setting like the previous 2 installments of the franchise.
18.Either set a maximum paragon level or make additional paragon not effect damage at a certain level.
19.Improve followers usefulness other than being a unity meatbag.
20.Improve boss fights. Make them longer and more challenging. Completely remove the one shot aspect but increase their dps pressure. Reduce their predicability. Have their drop rates & loot pool make them a desirable choice of time dump.

The odds of any of this happening with incompetent devs controlled by a greedy corporation. Zero.
01/11/2017 08:08 PMPosted by Gr8Hornytoad
The odds of any of this happening with incompetent devs controlled by a greedy corporation. Zero.

No, i think BLizz is gonna totally do something about every single of the 20 points you mentioned :p
The main crux of any ARPG is 2 aspects:

Increase killability
Decrease killableability

Almost every aspect either influences one or the over abstract value. All you can do is break those parts down further and further into smaller aspects to make it harder to maximize either. So, given those constraints, any blanket bonus messes with the system. +% damage or + Resist All. Those make a lot of other aspects of the game seem less valuable or creates more unbalance.

The other thing that can be done, on a general level, is to create more combos. If I do things in the proper order/have all the right gear I can do some awesome stuff. More of that is needed to allow more kinds of diversity.
12/09/2016 06:15 PMPosted by SimpleDave
The communities and clans are mostly dead, so this is a significant problem now that the game is in maintenance mode.

Notice this. Unless you start your own clan, then finding one is borderline impossible for a lot of people. Many people simply never respond, and I never see any clans advertising for new players.

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