Necro announced too early, feels like hype is dead

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No release date, no info, just "hey here's a thing, coming who knows when lol"...

They probably only mentioned it in hopes of boosting Christmas sales, and now that Christmas has come and gone they can put it on the backburner forever.
Seems legit
Would be shocked if anyone actually bought Diablo 3 for Christmas this year.
Yeah, that's what happens when you don't do anything to support one of your cornerstone IP titles but still feel the need to dupe the ignorant out of their money later down the line.
Necro is something that has been called for since the launch. People have been clamoring for it in excess on these forums. They had a little something to show, wanted the players input(especially those who played Necro in D2) in order to see what the players wanted.

I personally am stoked, and can't wait to see the various gear, weapons, off hands, and abilities the necro has, watching it evolve over the course of the year.

It was something to show, though it was hardly an appetizer. But it did show that they heard a portion of the player base, loud and clear, and were willing to look at the necro again, even though at one point the team said the WD fit the same niche.
Blizzcon as a whole was disappointing for Diablo. With the necro, it feels like they scooped an idea together at the last second just to have something for players to anticipate, but being told to wait at least 7 months for a DLC character add-on with no additional content isn't exactly exciting.
There is more than just the Necro with the DLC. Yes, the Necro is the main thing, but to say it's JUST the Necro is inaccurate.

" In addition to unlocking the Necromancer as a playable character, players will also receive an in-game pet, two additional character slots, two additional stash tabs (on PC), a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil."
I don't care about the extras coming in with the necro. They are worthless to me. I don't need character slots as seasons are where I play, don't need tabs as I am not a hoarder, don't care about all the cosmetics.

Having a new class is great, depending on the price tag.
12/27/2016 11:21 PMPosted by Sylvax
There is more than just the Necro with the DLC. Yes, the Necro is the main thing, but to say it's JUST the Necro is inaccurate.

" In addition to unlocking the Necromancer as a playable character, players will also receive an in-game pet, two additional character slots, two additional stash tabs (on PC), a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil."

Tabs and cosmetics aren't meaningful content. None of those things change my gameplay experience. If I buy the necro, I'll be doing the exact same thing I'm doing now. Even the two new maps they showed off (releasing independently of the necro) don't do a whole lot since the game is so centered around rifting. It's just two new maps going into a random rotation I have no control over.
Threads like this will keep the hype alive.

If only there was someone to raise the hype from the dead...
I'm sure they were feeling desperate as they watch the playerbase dwindle every season so they lobbed the Necromancer out there hoping it would keep interest in D3 alive. Problem being as mentioned no solid info on when it will be available and no real new content to go with it which as everyone who still plays D3 knows is what we need more than another bugged class that will take ages to get right judging by what we have seen since ROS dropped.

Just look at this forum as an example it's almost dead now most of the top level players don't post any longer, Nevalistis hardly ever posts even if they tell us they prefer using other media to connect with the players it's obviously not working.

Not all the comments/suggestions in this forum are toxic or insulting, it's been years of neglect of the passionate players asking hard questions that is as much to blame for the apathy we have now.

So many mistakes made along the way I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel now for this game.
i love d3, but it does frustrate me a lot... necro was my fav d2 class, i will buy it for sure, but i am not really hyped for it.

i dont understand how this billion dollar company does so little for the game. thats the frustration.

d2 lod was so long ago, tech has gotten better, blizzz is richer, yet d2 seemd to have so much more.

d3 has all this potential... imagine if they added more good items... and improved the dozens of lame ones (seriously, why do these things exist? wizspike, shard of hate, hydra wand, ect, items that could be sorta cool, is it so hard to add 20% or 100% more damage to something, or whatever). and stash? whats so hard about making it bigger? - is it a server thing? money? dont you have a lot of that?

where are the charms, rune words, jewels, skill tree. -not that they need to be exactly like d2 at all... but, what do the devs do all day? for years?... they make pets and banners and portrait frames and reset seasons that are exactly the same as the last one? WHAT?

let me lvl up skills i like. at least match the number of items of your OLDER game.

make the item hunt a little harder too, its so silly as is... i played some hardcore for something different, and had all the sets (for my class), and made it on the leader-board in 4 days... so you must be tuning the game for... the people that dont play...?

i tried poe, game made by a few guys... i didnt like it much, BUT, the skill tree thing is AMAZING, it makes me really want to play it (if only the quests and combat weren't so boring)... (edit: and forgot to mention the point, from what i understand, they are constantly adding to and improving the game, a bunch of new guys with a much smaller company....)

blizz, come on... you got the foundation for something blow mind... blow our minds, plz... millions of people bought d3, no? so millions of people know what it COULD be/do... dont you want hundreds of millions of dollars?.... i dont understand...

and, why all this mystery? why dont you talk to us and tell us why things are they way they are?

just me as example, as its all i really got to compare things to... i dont get paid to be here, or play, yet here i am every day checking, playing. i know what could be and should be, what people want... how is it, you, get paid, seem to never be here, and act as if you dont play the game... please help me understand, someone.
Hype, has there ever been any?

Bringing a new class to a dead game full of broken classes, builds and hope isn't really gonna generate much hype.

It's like saying there's a new iPhone 7S coming with the old charger from the 4-series. Only a couple of fanbois will be excited, the rest of the world knows it just doesn't matter.
Buying a class to do literally the same thing we've been doing for years? No thanks.
To me this Blizzcon was even more frustrating than Blizzcon 2015, because last year we at least got a really big content patch.

This year everything presented created an impression of a last minute hurry. I mean if they would have told us, we're getting a new class, PTR will start next week or maybe after the release of 2.4.3, it would have been quite fine.

But the way it was done, we have to be afraid that the Blizzcon 2017 D3 content will be the presentation of the female version of the class and maybe of the first and one and only set we're getting with its release (that might actually occur in exactly one year).

So to me there is no hype.
12/28/2016 05:38 AMPosted by epogow
d2 lod was so long ago, tech has gotten better, blizzz is richer, yet d2 seemd to have so much more.

D2 had a lot less, there wasn't much content to it really. It was just the campaign mode with mostly a bot-fest since that was how most people got gear and went into trade channel to trade for SoJ quantity.

Standards are a lot higher these days, and I too think D3 isn't keeping up. D3 has turned into a GR racetrack, which is kind of boring.
It may have been too early, but they had to show something at Blizzcon. Imagine what it would've been without that? Might as well have set the booth in the bathrooms if that were the case. Of course, given how long it will take to actually release the thing it will be hard for them to keep people interested.

I honestly don't understand why they didn't mention anything about the DX11 engine. That alone is imho a bigger and more impactful change than any of the little QoL changes© they showed or that darkening of Tristram water-downed rift with a filter thing, especially looking forward towards the future. The performance enhancement alone should've been quite a highlight.
I don't have the feeling they ignore what people say. Many things requested were implemented. I just feel they lack (the team, not the company) human resource.
I mean, how many people are working on the maintenance of DIII? Someone knows? (not eventual next extansion/DIV)

You can have the most devoted dev ever, if they aren't enough people working on the game, it goes nowhere.
These days Blizzard has a hard time hyping me because everything they do is announced too early

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