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01/20/2017 10:37 AMPosted by Ghost
1) How much of the Diablo 2 necromancer will there be in the new Diablo 3 necromancer?

2) Is Enigma coming back in some way, shape, or form?

3) What is the motivation behind bringing back the necromancer over the druid? Or at all for that matter.

4) Are my childhood memories going to be crushed or rush back in vivid color?

Thanks! I'm very much looking forward to playing necro again.

From discussions with the developer team at Blizzcon regarding a lot of these specific questions:

1. Their goal is to bring as much of it back as possible. Focusing first on establishing a lot of the popular mechanics of the class from D2, such as a buttload of skeletons, and class traditional abilities like curses and golems (particularly blood golem). The idea is to bring enough of the original into this game but add enough new to it that isn't just copy and paste.

2. Nope, nor are runewords in general. No abilties, even without runes, are intended to be provided to other classes.

3. Player and developer feedback. I actually asked Cheng that exact specific question. That isn't to say if this pack isn't successfull that we will see druid next!

4. Hopefully, the only thing crushed is anyone you cast Army of the Dead on.
01/20/2017 10:47 AMPosted by steffaka
Will you return Cursed skills ?!?

From playing the Necro at Blizzcon, and talking to the developers, Curses will be brought back, there actually already is one. Their goal is to try to balance them successfully.

I specifically asked for something like a badass Necro build that would be kinda like a backwards Crusader, where rather than reflect thorns damage, give him Iron Maiden and just walk in and watch them kill themselves, literally.

They liked the idea, but not sure if giving Necro the tanking survivability is in the cards.
01/20/2017 11:11 AMPosted by Loranis
1. ) When you approximately want to release Necromancer?

2. ) Will be necromancer part of the Reaper of Souls or it's the new DLC?

3. ) Will be any beta to try the necromancer before the release on live server?

4. ) Will be in this update new sets for other classes as well?

5. ) How its going with the work on female character?

6. ) Is there any other news ingame in this patch except the necromancer, his sets and so on?

From discussions with the developer team at Blizzcon regarding a lot of these specific questions, as well as their presentations:

1. Their idea was about the fall timeframe. It's very possible they drop the announcement that Necro is available during Blizzcon, but we'll see.

2. Both? Necro will require the full game; and is a separate content pack that you will need to buy.

3. TBA. But most likely, yes. Unknown if it's going to be a beta opt-in like RoS, or if it's playable on PTR for free. (more likely the latter)

4. This isn't an "update" per se. It's an addon pack that simply gives us the Necromancer.

5. Female and Male are the same skillset, just a model and voice swap.

6. The pack will contain just teh Necromancer. It will obviously contain his "gear". What is interesting is how loot drops will work for people without the add-on. It's possible there is a flag somewhere that says if you don't have a Necro then Necro only items won't drop. Not sure if that will translate to being unable to trade necro only gear to people who don't have the pack. Probably won't restrict that since... it doesn't break anything. Sure they can have gear when they roll the class after buying the addon, but that isn't any different from hording gear now for any other class.
01/20/2017 11:34 AMPosted by caracc
How will all of the corpse-based skills on the Necromancer actually work since critical hits usually destroy corpses?

Rolling angry little piles of gibblets.
01/20/2017 11:51 AMPosted by PhantomLeap
01/20/2017 11:19 AMPosted by MissCheetah

It will work exactly like the Crusader works now. If you don't have it you can still play with someone who does. You will sometimes even get Necro loot (smart loot is not 100%) that you can give to a friend who is playing a necro.

That would piss me off to get loot for another class I don't own.Hope that's not true.

That happens already. Just how the system works. It's significantly less likely, but still a possibility.
01/20/2017 02:48 PMPosted by BarbarianBC
Forgive me if this is known information. What are the weapon types that the Necromancer will be able to wield?

Everything but the class specific weapons. And their class specific weapons are scythes.
01/20/2017 02:57 PMPosted by Moose
Can you please make crafting materials act like currency as in not take up stash inventory space since we can't trade them anyway.

Look up the armory. Should be coming sooner than the Necro to the game, but I haven't seen an ETA yet.
This pack looks great! Excitement was unreasonably high for the BlizzCon announcement last year. Are there plans to tap into this unreasonably high interest and excitement?
I love coming back to the game with every season, and I'm so happy to have a new class to look forward to as well!

1: Can we expect new unique dialogue and interactions between the Necromancer and the current Mercenaries?

2: Now that there will be seven different classes, and with the recent 64-bit support, are there any plans for increasing the maximum number of allowed players in multiplayer?

3: By creating the precedent of an additional purchasable class, are there any plans for other DLC? Another class, such as the Druid? New game modes or areas?

Thanks for having this Q&A, I can't wait to see how the Necromancer will play!
what will the Necromancers primary stat be seeing as we already have 2 other characters with intelligence as their primary stat
would be very nice to know answers to every question on the first page, as well as approximate release date and hopefully a great female version of necro is developed, demon hunter and sorc are very well made male and female as the original diablo 3 classes. Are there any skills or items currently in the build which are considered too strong and need to be de powered prior to release or at first patch of post release?
1) New max level?
2) Please let the max cap of players be higher than 4 PLEASE
3) Higher difficulties? like 15?

Given the very limited amount of stashing space can you re-consider inventory management or a significant increase for our stashing space? Not everyone knows how to get the rewards from the seasons and not all of us play since these rewards were introduced.

Ideally I think you should consider we'd have enough space for all our character slots, each with all the full 6 piece sets completed and their complementary items.

Mule characters (used only for their inventory space) shouldn't exist. We payed to be able to play all those character slots, not to use them as closets.

You can research various ideas in these threads:

Q: With the release of the necromancer pack, is it possible that we will receive a new location and new quests?
Also will the expansion affect the performance of the game in anyway? For example; my computer can run D3 with small adjustments to video settings. Will the game's peformance worsen with the expansion in anyway?
Which party supporting skills will the Necromancer have and how will they work?
Like buffing Health, Ressource Regeneration or Pet Dmg or similar?
Price and release date then GTFO :P
I'm pretty interested in the costs of the Necromancer Pack.

I bought Starcraft 2 + both expansion sets.
And now there are various Commanders for one game mode, for 10€. Is it really necessary do implement such a feature for more money than the hole game cost?

So how much will Blizzard want for that class?

Will there be, in future, further dlcs with maybe the D2 Druid oder Assassine?

Or was the Necromancer just the first look and there will be a "Diablo 2 Character DLC" with more than one class?
01/23/2017 12:46 AMPosted by Hellboy186
what will the Necromancers primary stat be seeing as we already have 2 other characters with intelligence as their primary stat

We have 2 str classes, 2 dex classes and 2 int classes- Should blizz create an entirely new stat just to keep things even?

OFC necro will be int...
I'm interested in the ability to make a summon necro, which from what I've read is possible. That should be fun.

01/22/2017 09:11 PMPosted by Iconoclast
I still play Diablo 2 up to this day, because Diablo 3 is failing more and more, please just remake Diablo 3 into Diablo 2, it would be much better, new code, new core. Just please rethink what you're doing with this Franchise.

Sincerely stop killing the game, from someone with over 5k+ Hours of Diablo 2.
I even have a 2 Hard Copies of Diablo 2 and a CD with multipatcher & Ubers in case there's no more internet ever.

So please again, stop killing the game.

Wow, that must have cost you... $15

Also, new code + new core = different game, haha.... what a terrible suggestion.

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