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01/23/2017 05:26 AMPosted by AlphaMethyl
Also, new code + new core = different game, haha.... what a terrible suggestion.

Well perhaps if you understood what he meant you wouldn't think it's a terrible suggestion.
He wants D2 in a new engine instead of the crap that D3 has turned out to be.

D3 lacks the atmosphere and the playability of D2, all we get is paragon grind and pushing higher grift while everything looks too shiny and bright and not scary at all.
Are the necromancers going to be taking the place of WD in the current meta? They seem to bring alot of the same stuff. And if they dnt what are gonna be some key pros and cons to team play for grifts?
So when do we get to play the new character?
How will it differ from the d2 necromancer and what will be the cost?
Does the D3 team plan to add any more character customization to make our characters feel more unique to us?
Will we be seeing any other callback classes from previous Diablo games at at a later date? (The Druid, for instance)
1) How much will the necromancer DLC pack cost, especially in light of the D3/ROS battle chest costing $20 when on sale?

2) Do you plan other character pack(s) in the future, such as the Druid that was mentioned at Blizzcon?

3) What is the estimated release date?

4) Is it fair to assume that the DLC is a stop gap measure before you announce Diablo 4 at Blizzcon 2018?

5) Are you still only planning 1 Necromancer class set at release?

6) Will there be Necromancer set dungeon(s)?

7) Do you anticipate both DPS and zDPS Necromancer builds?

8) Do you anticipate that the Necromancer will be part of the group meta for greater rifts?

9) Could you please release a youtube video showing updated Necromancer gameplay to show off your progress and the skills that have been developed?

10) How effective will Necromancer be relative to damaging greater rift guardians if no corpses remain?
01/20/2017 12:01 PMPosted by MissCheetah
01/20/2017 11:51 AMPosted by PhantomLeap
That would piss me off to get loot for another class I don't own.Hope that's not true.

It is true and it is how the game already works. You can get Crusader loot even if you don't have RoS and you can play with friends who have RoS then hand it to them. That won't change.

i for one am happy for this, i can stock up on necro loot while i wait for cash to nab it? thats fantastic. im happy blizzard is including this
Dear Blizzard.

Please enlighten me on this i ask now.

Diablo 2 + expansion was so amazing so awesome so scary i had everything all set parts both on normal & Hardcore & later on all rune sets the game was amazing & fantastic yet the 2D was !@#$ :D

Diablo 3 has amazing graphic but the game is extremely boring after youve completed with all characters on Hardcore / Normal.

The same thin happened with Hellgate London, extremely scary amazing graphic but quite boring to play in the end.

so my question is, when will you make a Diablo 4 which is more like Diablo 2 with the graphic of Diablo 3 ???

Sincerely yours.
1) Will the necromancer be released with a proportionate amount of sets to the other pre-existing classes or will they start with less and end up being added through later patches?

2) What are the available weapon-types for Necro? i.e. will they be able to be both ranged (wand) and melee (dagger, scythe) like in D2, and what will be the class unique weapon/armor types? Is the necromancer primarily ranged or melee?

3) Which elements will the Necromancer be runed/itemized around? i.e. cold, fire, physical (blood?), poison.

4) What is being done to distinguish the Necro and Witch Doctor in terms of playstyle?

5) How will the Necromancer's minions vary from the Witch Doctor's pets in terms of strengths and control. Are there pros and cons to each? Do items or stats affect the Necro minions differently?

6) Any set bonuses or runes that can be revealed yet?
So my question is this, although poison is a big part of the Witch Doctor's persona. Will we have access so some of the old poison abilities from D2? My necro from D2 was a Poison Nova build and I enjoyed it greatly. Also will the pets have some poison or life on hit upgrades as well? thanks in advance :)
Are you planning on keeping the necromancers signature poison spells from Diablo 2? I think it's silly to just have the witch doctor be the poison specialist. Many classes have access to the same types of elemental attacks so I don't see why the necro cant be a master of poison as well
Will the new Necromancer Pack come with new or revamped system or something?? You know, like how RoS came with a Crusader and a level cap with extra passives?? Can we expect something like that with the Necro Pack??
Will any of the sets have a secondary focus for a single target such as a rift guardian? A lot of necromancer skills are heavily based on multi targets.

Will bone armor be part of this Necromancer?

Will curses have cooldowns and will they have a large effective area like D2?

Will there ever be better mercenaries? I feel like Mercs were last minute and never addressed. Diablo 2 mercs were a LARGE part of everyone's journey, I just feel like someone fell off somewhere while making the merc and just kind of forgot. They should stay with you in multiplayer and you should be able to better gear them, It just simply adds to tactics, enjoyment and more custom gameplay.

Thank you.
Will the necro have a skill to use up items and legendries to create an iron golem? It would put to goof use the over abundance of items.
01/20/2017 11:34 AMPosted by caracc
How will all of the corpse-based skills on the Necromancer actually work since critical hits usually destroy corpses?

I can actually answer this one.

They are going to have special "corpses" left behind after killing a monster independent of the actual monster that you can interact with. They went over that during the Blizzcon panels.
How much will Necromancer Expansion Pack cost?
If Necromancer Expansion Pack is be the same price as RoS Exp. Pack, will Necro. Exp. pack give us equivalent content as RoS packs content?
what main attribute with the mancer use (i assume int) but that will throw the game off as right now there is 2 classes using each attribute
01/23/2017 02:03 PMPosted by DrunkenDuck
How much will Necromancer Expansion Pack cost?
If Necromancer Expansion Pack is be the same price as RoS Exp. Pack, will Necro. Exp. pack give us equivalent content as RoS packs content?

It better not be more than $20 seeing as how much more content RoS added compared to this (FYI it will not be adding the same equivalent content as RoS, which you probably already know) and compared to other similar packs i.e. Nova Mission Pack for SC2
01/23/2017 02:48 PMPosted by nikatron
what main attribute with the mancer use (i assume int) but that will throw the game off as right now there is 2 classes using each attribute

Wouldn't that be hot if it used Vitality? :D doubt it. I'm 95% sure I read they already said Int at Blizzcon.

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