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Why just the obvious and/or stupid questions are going to get an answer?

Why do you promote facebook?
1. When will the Necro be coming out?

2. Will it cost anything to be able to use it like a new expansion or DLC or what ?
I would make a broad assumption here. Being as the Necro has not been put into game play, it would seem Blizzard is just building suspense. If you've got it, patch it in instead of dangling it.
I made paragon 1-400 within 12 hours on Hardcore 2 days ago.
This is getting pathetic....

When will you be a respectable Franchise again?
When will you stop killing the game?
I was just wondering why Necromancer? I ask because you have the Witch Doctor as his analog in D3, his replacement if you will.
Why not release a Druid pack then Necromancer or both together? As going by the lore and the timeline of Reaper of Souls it would've made more sense and that there are no classes that match/replace the druid presently.
It feels like you are just giving us a meatier version of the Witch Doctor now. Not that I wouldn't buy the Necromancer when you release him :D
Will the people who doesn`t want to buy the Necro DLC still be able to participate in seasons and play with other players that have the DLC?

I mean on my case for example at the first instance I`m thinking of not buying because of my experience with blizz games. At first the class will be really OP like it was Sader when it came out with the shotgun build then they will nerf to the ground "trying to find balance" which is something that never happened since we can clearly see that only some classes get into the META as far as GR`s are concerned. Monk is the only class that has never been out of the Meta while all others had their "time to shine".
So having that in mind I don`t have the feeling like buying it cause to me it`ll be a case of Buy to Win or Buy so you have Meta.

I would love for someone to answer this, I`m still open to hear what blizz can say about not only the necro but the other classes that are completely out of the Meta Game.
ive only got one question. when, super excited for necro can barely wait
My only question/desire is: Will I be able to run around with a veritable legion of skeletons as I did in Diablo 2? Will it be a little more viable this time?

I ask because that's the whole reason I (and I suspect others) enjoy Necromancers: a huge army of scampering skellingtons stabbing, shooting, bashing, and otherwise clattering their way across the battlefield. Golems are fine, mage skeletons are fine. But mostly I just want 20-30 skeletons tromping around being adorable and murdery.

I'm a bit concerned because the stuff you've shown thus far hasn't really touched on the pet-oriented Necromancer; mostly just corpse explosions and some other basic spells. I know curses were a big deal too, but... pls. I just love my skellingtons. :(

Cant wait! I think most of the info I want was already asked so I'll just ask this as my question:

Q:When can we get some more visual stimulus of a dark and decrepit nature? (The short story! Wallpapers, Concept art, some more skill videos...PLEASE!)

I must say, it took you long enough but as I have said before you finally saw the darkness. I CAN NOT WAIT! !!!!!!NECROMANCERS!!!!!!
Locking this up because we've taken as many questions as we can! Thank you so much for submitting your questions, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Quick side note: as with our previous Q&A, we'll make sure we get this broadcast up on YouTube as a VOD afterwards.

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