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Updated December 16
Going to lock this up since the event is over, but I'll leave the thread up for a few days so people can find the replays. Thanks again for all your great questions!

Here's a couple summaries from fansites:

And here are the locations you can rewatch the stream:

Join us live on Facebook Thursday, December 15, at 4:00 p.m. PST as we sit down with Senior Game Designer Joe Shely for our next live developer Q&A. You can tune in live at: Facebook.com/Diablo

Got a question? Submit it by posting in this forum thread or tweeting using the hashtag #D3QA.

In order for us to get to as many questions as possible, we ask that you keep your questions short (no longer than 50 words). Thanks, and we hope to see you Thursday, December 15 at 4:00 p.m. PST!
First off thank you guys for actually doing this, and I really hope it is a change towards more frequent communication from the Diablo Devs/staff in the future.

Questions & comments:

1) We all know passive play a big part in our loadouts, and passive are often overlooked throughout the patch cycle other than minor changes. Active skills on the other hand are always buffed by items. When can we finally see a complete rework of the under used passives?
2) There have been a push towards adding items which buff the weaker/unused skills for certain classes, is there plans on completely reworking under-performing skills that is NOT tied to a legendary/sets?
3) It has been said in the past this game is not balanced around the meta and the top 1%. The way I see it, the players that do stick around long term are the "meta players", the ones who really like to min/max gear and devote hunderds of hours into their characters. The "casuals" would most likely just follow the herd regardless of any changes that are made & tend to only play this game for a very short amount of time. So how come the balance changes are not catered towards the 1%'ers/meta?
4) Paragon...we know it's not going to be capped in seasons, ever. But please, lets find a way to rework and update the system for 2016. So my question is, is a paragon rework in the plans?
5) I really like the shift towards character DLC. I love this game, and am willing to put money towards it for content, actual content that will shift how we play this game. Not event based content like anniversary dungeons or set dungeons. So moving forward, is paid DLC going to be the future of Diablo 3?
6) Lastly, the one thing I think Diablo 3 needs desperately, aside from paragon rework, passive rework & balance changes is another form of end game. The challenge rifts that was introduced earlier at Blizzcon I don't believe fits this need. Only because it almost side steps your main characters progression. The way the game is played now, you really need to invest all your time into your main to gain paragon. Anything on the side will slow down your progress. So my question is, will there be an alternative true end game that can compete with Greater Rifts? Something that we can grind out alongside and still gain progression.

Anyways, thank you for doing this. I hope & I'm certain others hope you will deliver some solid answers and not sidestep all the problems with the current state of the game.

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I have a question.

Wrath of the Wastes has been under-performing for a long time now. For countless PTR's some dedicated WW players have given great feedback on how this set can be made competitive to other sets - not better, just on equal terms. These have been ignored on all occasions and now in this PTR you buffed Wastes then nerfed it a few days ago. Why? Server lag? You don't understand your own set? Please talk to your community as to why you have handled Wastes like this for.

Can't wait for this! I'm always glad to see more openness from the developers. I did have a few questions:

1) Currently the rewards of Adventure Mode heavily outweigh playing through the campaign. Will there be any changes made to the Campaign to give incentive for players to play through it again?

2) With the Necromancer fresh on everyone's mind, is this a sign that D3 will see more characters added to the game? (Don't hold out on me baby, I want some Druid!)

3) How do the Devs feel about the sets that vastly outperform others (such as firebirds), what kind of changes can we look forward to regarding set balancing, if any?

4) While I like the infinite scaling of paragon levels, will there be any consideration into adding more to them/expanding them further, such as adding elemental affixes or even increases to specific skills?

5) Followers. I love my followers, but unfortunately they are little more than walking unity sticks. Can we expect any further expanding on the follower system to make them more relevant, possibly even more followers?

6) Any future Cube recipies in the near future we should be excited for? :P

Can't wait to see the discussion! Cheers!
I assume this Q&A will be more focused on the current PTR and the new features announced at Blizzcon but I always wanted to ask these questions:

  • Any plans for adding new features for the clans? Shared clan stash, clan events, reputation of some sort.. something to make the clans more than just a chat?
  • Are you happy with the current Paragon system or do you think it needs to be reworked?
  • Players are too spread among difficulties. Instead of just adding more, have you thought on reducing and reworking the current ones?
  • With the new "extremely huge" cursor, can we get the old gauntlet back?
  • When are you going to fix the FPS issue when interacting with the Blacksmith?
  • Any plans on adding more Achievements (for example extracting all legendary powers in Kanai)?
  • Crusader's flails hang too low and they get burried into the ground when the character is standing still in the town (or in the ESC menu). Doesn't this bother you? Same with some huge weapons going through your pets.
  • Now that portrait frames are main part of every season, can we get WoW-like hero portraits with our helm transmogs inside?
  • Speaking of portraits.. Can you please display our character names instead of battletags when playing in party?
First of all my Number 1 question:
Will there be Story packs like the Nova Mission Packs in SC2 to add to the lore of Diablo? I would totally love to see this :).

I'm playing a lot HotS lately and I love Li Ming and her Wave of Force skill and I think it would be a good way to bring this feel into D3. It centers around 2 underused Wizard skills. Mirror Image & Wave of Force. Also I think it's a good step to give more diversity to the DMO and LoN set.

Valthek's Rebuke
Legendary Power
Wave of Force is now cast there your mouse hovers over and it's damage is increased by 150-200%.

And now it comes, because in HotS it looks like a Mirror Image is turning into a Wave of Force. And I love that skill in HotS. Why not take Ideas from there. :)

Archmage's Vicalyke
Legendary Power:
Every active Mirror Image turns into a Wave of Force. (You also gain the Dupplicates rune).

Maybe there should be a ring, belt, shoulders or torso for Mirror Images.

Ring of Illusions or Belt of Illusions or Shoulders of Illusions or Mirror Maze (Torso)
Every active Mirror Image decreases the damage you and your Mirror Images take by 10% and increases your arcane regenartion by 5-8%. (Could even be a fun item, if it would be like this:"upon receiving fatal damage you have 25-35% to change places with one of your Mirror Images, dodging your death.

Third Hellfire Event
Are you going to expand on the Hellfire Event? I thought of Hellfire Gems, they could look like that:
Opal: Head: +3 Pick up radius, Weapon: +200% Area Damage; Else: -4% Elite Damage
Malachit: Head: +20% resource regeneration, Weapon: +50% Movement Speed; Else: +5% main resource
+3 more gem ideas

They should be tied to the Hellfire event and actually be Hellfire Gems. So that you need 2(or should it be 5?) of each material, 25 Forgotten Souls, 10 Flawless Imperial gems. Recipes can be bought by Krümmelchen 2 Mio. Gold each.

What are your Ideas?

Fourth Item suggestion by the community
You are probably reading through a lot of great Item suggestions on the forums. What of them would you like to add to the game but didn't had the chance to, yet.

Fifth Upgrade Followers to close the gap between Solo and Group play:
Do you have any plans to make Followers stronger, for example by merging the follower legendary items together, because I think "Your follower can't die" is just mandatory.
Question Regarding Wrath of the Wastes:

Wrath of the Wastes, 400% whirlwind damage? I really hope that this was low balling it to see how it performed with the damage focus changing and it will be adjusted accordingly. Comments on adding overpower and rend damage to the 6pc along with a hefty buff above 400%? Thanks!
Hello fellow Nephalems @ Blizzard,

I wanted to ask, will Diablo 3 still be online for the next 3 years? or will we see a new back to basic + Diablo 3 ideas on a brand new game closer 2020?

if you can't/don't want to answer that.

Would you be so kind as to tell us when will we see new permanent patch/DLC with heroes, revamp skill tree/not sets content?

I think anybody in todays gaming community would agree that we would rather continue supporting you guys with DLC/ micro transactions so that you guys can make ACTUAL permanent content. This Anniversary event that will last a month is cool. However, In a matter of few hours it will be a boring one, at least as it currently is.

Best of luck to you guys @ the studio. But, it would be nice to either see real creative content that brings joy to the grinding for gear and enhancements to our heroes from present and past.

As I final note, I know Diablo might not come across as a Lore game. I however, was taken in by the simple and dark story, that had the right soundtracks with it. You guys should really not underestimate that! :D

-In a world of infinite possibilities, barriers are manmade obstacle- Unknown
I have a simple question: When does season 8 end approximately?
12/07/2016 06:12 PMPosted by Nevalistis
Join us live on Facebook Thursday, December 15, at 4:00 p.m. PST as we sit down with Senior Game Designer Joe Shely for our next live developer Q&A. You can tune in live at: [url="https://www.facebook.com/Diablo/videos/10154049878321641/"]Facebook.com/Diablo[/url]

Got a question? Submit it by posting in this forum thread or tweeting using the hashtag #D3QA.

In order for us to get to as many questions as possible, we ask that you keep your questions short (no longer than 50 words). Thanks, and we hope to see you Thursday, December 15 at 4:00 p.m. PST!

Thank You!!!!

Talking to the community is huge, it means a lot that the team is trying to branch out a bit more and communicate with us! Keep up the great work!
Question regarding paragon:

Paragon is a very old system, could we potentially see an upgrade to the system soon? Or even a complete upheaval toward a skill based system instead? At the least, it would be nice to see EVERY stat affix as an option for paragon, and then have each stat capped at 50 points, but allow the player to allocate their points wherever they want, no restrictions.

Follow Up Statement/Question to paragon:

If you do cap and rework paragon, maybe we can continue to earn XP beyond the total paragon level, and then have an added feature that lets us turn in XP earned for rewards, such as a 100% ancient legendary item? Would be a unique way to reward those who play more without directly giving them more power.
○ General:

Ancient Parthan Defenders: The item has been a staple for most classes due to its density scaling. What is the reasoning for it being uncapped while most items have caps these days?

○ Barbarian:

Wrath of the Wastes: It's been pointed numerous times that Dust Devils rune causing server performance issues is one of the reasons the set can't become the top build. If that's the case, why not remove the rune and come up with a new playstyle for the set?

Saffron Wrap (Overpower not mighty-belt): Most legendaries need synergies with sets to be worth using. Any plans on incorporating Overpower to a set?

Rend: Rend is the only fury spender without a legendary weapon. Any plans on making one? Can it be the Skorn?

Immortal King's Hybrids: For quite some time the barbarian's top build has been a combination of Immortal King's and the most recently buffed set. Don't "generalistic sets" actually make class balance more difficult? If that's the case, any plans on changing Immortal's King?

That's it. I think.
Q1: Do you have plans on improving end game build diversity?

Q2: Do you have plans on improving the paragon system?
To all fellow Nephalems,

Sorry for this second post. I think this would also be a worth while question.

When are you making any sense out of your damage system?

I've seen some Youtubers and even read a brief post that tries to describe it. Seriously, the damage calculation are like those KR games. You see this huges ### and when you see health bars you are left wondering "Did I missed or just lagged". What is wrong with a simple dmg multiplies of

Weapon dmg (10) x Elemental dmg (5) x Passive dmg (3) x Skill dmg (2) x Set dmg (1) = 21 dmg (screw that Speed dmg multiplier and elite multiplier, etc, etc.) Also things like you got 20% elite dmg but having another item with that same stats is less so instead of the 20% x 2 is more like 20% + 16% or something odd like that... seriously. get someone who knows basic Arithmetic. PLS make dmg calculation either simple or explain it well. Thanks!!!
    Q : Are you happy with gap between solo bounty and group bounty? fyi balancing is needed there.

    Q : For waste set, why dust devil still need to be exist?

    Q : Why nerf waste set on PTR?

    Q : Do you have plan to rework akkhan set?

    Q : Do you have plan to add theme timed event like Overwatch in diablo 3?

    Q : Ramaladni gift to socket jewelry?

    Q : Search function in inventory or stash tab or any method to make searching item more easier ?
Paragon 2.0 has been the same since release back in March 2014. As it stands, it is grossly outdated, restricted to just 16 stats for some strange reason and does nearly nothing in terms of meaningful character customization. Are there any plans to fix this?
12/13/2016 06:13 PMPosted by Horax

Q : Do you have plan to rework akkhan set?


Wyatt has already said they are reworking this, but no timetable yet.

Otherwise, a solid list of questions :)

1 - Does D3 will launch new gameplays beyond GR ?

Extended Question:

Does D3 some day will have more gameplay content than it's older version game ? (please forward explanation from question to developert undestand my short question if not the question won't make the direct sense it's intended).

Explanation for D3 Developer to understand the question:

At D2 i could pass the whole day doing:

-Trade to sell a little more from original value and profitting good stuff.
-Keep magic find high to pass the whole day facing mephisto, baal, a lot of places like options. (D3 GR drops everything so you don't need to do nothing different than play there).
-Hunting nice runes (where each rune there was a lot of different spot to pass one day each hunting).
-Hunting nice charms clearing all acts and all monsters.
-Hunting nice rings and amulets.
-Spend the day dropping stuff to craft nice jewelry.
-Spend the day PvPing.
-Spend the day finding nice combinations using skills from other class.
-Spend the day studing new combos.
-Killing big buffed elite monster with help from follower from 3rd act frozen the monster to kill it.
-Spend the day crafting full rejuvenation potion.
-Spending weeks leveling from level 98 to 99.
-Creating other character because you got envy from a nice and alternative build anyone find out so you wanna copy it. (so each week one clan would came up with a new and brand new build where everyone would wanna to copy).
-Spending the day at chat channel checking how wonderful are the equips from the guy you are talking to.

Question: Does D3 will surpass D2 game play one day ?
After you reach gems lvl 110 you get the sign GR GAME OVER. Not more to do at game.

Question: Will developer add deep game play for something else than GR ? So after i reach gems lvl 110 there is nothing more i can do at game.
Question regarding a potential new system:

Could we have a mastery system? You earn one mastery point every 150 paragon levels, and can earn 6 total mastery points.

For instance, Ferocity - your summon zombie dog attacks ferociously with its claws, shooting them through the target doing damage 10 yards behind the hit target in a 180 degree cone.

Create a unique mastery for every skill in the game.

Optional suggestion:

Instead, simply have us be able to earn skill points, and allow us to allocate them based on our choosing to each of the current skills. Increasing efficiency, improving mechanics, etc....

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