Razer Chroma Implementation Bug

Bug Report
When using razer chroma peripherals and have the *wave* mode enabled as your default profile and then laucnhing diablo 3 causes the keyboard to constantly flicker

Steps to replicate:
-Open Razer Synapse
-Click on Keyboard + Mouse
-Click Lighting
-Set Effect to Wave
-Lunch Diablo III and Start a game

Steps to Temporarily Fix:
-Set Effect to Static for Diablo 3

p.s. You guys left out the Firefly mat in your implementation :( :sadface:
Bumping because its not on your knwon issues list..
I get this no matter what I set my keyboard and mouse lights to.
I have the chroma kb + m and the cursor is giant and I can't change it also my mouse freezes and won't reconnect until I unplug and plug it in again.
I have the Ornata Chroma board and use the Fire light setting outside of the game, doesn't bother the D3 features, plus Fire looks cool in the dark ;)
I am getting the same thing even with normal Chroma settings (one color)

EDIT: If I close Razer Synapse it seems to work fine, sucks that I have to close it and re-open after playing...
This is happening to me too. The keys are constantly flashing between Diablo 3's red and my normal profile. I am not using any effects on either my Blackwidow Chroma or my Deathadder Chroma. I do have a custom profile with manually selected colors for different keys and lights on my mouse.
01/07/2017 10:28 AMPosted by Imabouse
I have the chroma kb + m and the cursor is giant and I can't change it also my mouse freezes and won't reconnect until I unplug and plug it in again.

This is the problem i'm trying to fix. Currently, I am updating Synapse, and I'm going to disable D3 in the Chroma Apps to see if this works.
To add to the intrigue, I have this problem too but it behaves differently under the 32 and 64 bit clients. I'm only using a Razer mouse, not a keyboard. Under 64 bit it flashes and generally bugs out, probably more or less as the others are reporting.

But under 32 bit it may be behaving as intended, I'm not sure. It doesn't do much, it mostly stays steady red and turns blue when I activate a time limited power.
Same issue here playing on a "New" Razer Blade 1060.

It seems a little wanky but it actually adds a nice little touch to the game and that extra level of emergence. You guys did a great job pulling off the chroma effects with Overwatch too. Hope to see this fixed soon!
Keyboard: Blackwidow Chroma
Mouse: Naga Hex V2
Lights are static red/white for keyboard and static red for mouse.

The white lights start to flicker when i open the game, if i restart the razer synapse with d3 open all lights but r and F1 on keyboard set to red, r and F1 have no light at all.
I just bought the Razer Mamba and now Diablo 3 makes my Razer BW chroma flicker instead of having the static red keys.
Hey dude. I have a Razer BW Chroma as well and I'm not seeing this. I was having issues (different ones) a few months ago but they cleared up once I updated my version of Windows 10.

Maybe I can help you diagnose this...
1) Did you check that the Razer Synapse software and the peripheral firmware is up to date? You should see a little icon in the Razer Synapse app at the top right next your email address if an update is needed.
2) What OS/version are you using?
3) Does this issue occur if you ONLY have the Razer BW keyboard connected?
4) Are you running 64-bit or 32-bit DIII?

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