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I'm wearing all the gear, nothing has been rolled yet, except my chest and pants which needed sockets. I need some advice on what to roll.

I've read 40/40 cdr and rcr are what I should aim for, is this still true?

How important is secondary res? Look at my magefist, I could roll off Dex for Crit damage or rcr to Crit damage or get secondary res but I'm not sure.

How much life on hit is required? My helm and crystal fist both have it.

Is 5% IAS enough? This will be a GR pushing build - aiming for 75+. Need advice on the shoulders too, rcr or ?

Some items there's only 1 obvious thing to roll like amulet, boots and bracers so that makes it easy.

Thanks in advance
The 5% IAS is in relation to my witching hour. I have another 6% IAS on my ring which I'm not sure to keep or roll into crit damage/max damage. Keeping Dex is the safer choice but I don't know how much IAS is required, is 5 enough or is 11 way better?
I'm also feeling squishy (even with crystal fist) in T13. I don't have many vit rolls e.g. Missing on helm and gloves. Am I missing too much, do I need to pump a lot of paragons into vit?

Also spinning flame kick and vulture claw kick, which is better?
I got frustrated with squishiness, and so far the only solution for me has been going to town with CDR and going full offense in every other way possible. I'm rolling around 46% CDR/38% RCR. I noticed nothing from adding a second LoH roll. Felt better to me to have vit on the helm. IAS helps DPS a lot, but having two rolls of it is tricky. If you've got a string of ears or a vigilante belt, or saffron wrap, it might make life easier than the (glassy) witching hour).

You're missing tons of secondary resists. I think sixth sense might be better than harmony for you, but getting more secondary resists helps a lot.

But don't listen to me to much. I don't really know what I'm doing yet.
Not too sure of the rest, but vulture is always better than spinning as it does more damage.

Here's my 5 cents on what to improve.

You need to roll a HF amulet with a good passive. You have way too low HP and I can imagine you getting 1 shot easily by GR guardians.

Shoulders should roll off DS for Vit, reforge your Scarbringer to ancient, helm roll off either Armour or LoH for CHC, Boots roll LTK damage, Weapons roll RCR, Gloves roll off CDR for CHD. No real point using Harmony as you single resistance is all over the place and you won't get much of a bump in resistance. Sixth sense would serve you better until you can find gear that have all one element single resistance. Furnace instead of FD for cube, only generator builds take advantage of FD in cube.

You might want to think about using spirit guards and swapping out mantra for a generator until you can find better gear with the correct rolls when farming T13.
I thought harmony was changed a long time ago so you don't need all of the same secondary resists - it's a flat 40% on *any* secondary resist. I do have 5 items with secondary resists (of the possible 9-10 as pants and boots should get all resist (all resist does more mitigation than secondary but you gain a stat which isn't important on pants and boots?))
Yeah, I think the best-case is to have the secondary resists as evenly distributed as possible. Maybe disproportionate amounts in arcane and fire (reflects) since those seem to be the most dangerous.

You're notably missing vit in shoulders and gloves, but on the other hand, those pieces are really good because of it. At this point, I'd take your shoulders (with RCR) over mine any day. Cramming CDR, RCR, AD becomes such a pain that you inevitably lose dex/vit to it no matter what. Good to at least have the option to. Dunno if I'd ever roll 3 those stats to anything other than those 3 stats.
Paragons can fix vitality, I can pump all my paragons there to fix the lack of vit on gloves and spirit stone I guess?

I am missing a lot of area damage but not sure where I can get it, crit chance and crit damage is higher priority?
Crit chance and crit damage definitely take priority over AD. AD is really useful, but it's very hard to tack on until you get very good gear. IIRC there are people on the Asian server doing around GR95 without any of it. Realistically, you should be able to fit it into one or two slots.

Since you can't even do T13 easily, though, you should fix the obvious stuff. The armor on the helm should be crit chance, that's a no-brainer. Your litany is pretty bad, but the regen being changed to crit chance would make it...somewhat usable... Cold damage to fire damage on the strongarms is a no-brainer. Secondary resists on the chest and pants is a no-brainer. Fire rolled to CHD on the amulet is a no-brainer. (Trifecta amulet probably doesn't make sense till ~20k dex, if that) The dashing strike damage is probably best off as RCR, but at this point, maybe it'd be better off as vit. You can roll between the two and test. Then just increase vit via paragon as necessary till you can survive, if you end up really needing to.

Probably wouldn't touch the gloves or crystal fist till you get an ancient scarbringer, which is the priority, and maybe even a better litany if you have time. That will determine where you will put vit versus the other stats. The ideal case is probably having vit on one weapon and gloves, and cc+ damage + rcr/cdr/ad on rings, but few get there. Realistically, you'll forgo vit and the others in places you wish you had them, and you'll just have to tweak your gear around it.
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Not too sure of the rest, but vulture is always better than spinning as it does more damage.

Interesting.. i didn't know that... i thought they had the same % ?
Please explain further :p
Rolled all the obvious stuff - bracer, helm.

Pants and chest are already rolled to get sockets, can't add secondary resistance to them. I do have a ancient depth diggers thats all res, dex and vit and it gives me 2.8% more toughness - so pants come down to toughness vs dps from the pox faulds.

I rolled my amulet to be trifecta before I read your post. The 8 seconds of jumping per ephipany is actually quite nice, it's a decent crowd control as you cast it so often with the low cd and zodiac ring.

I got myself an ancient scarbringer, nice damage but came with a socket and lpss, so i rolled off the socket for vit and rama'ed it. I basically have 2 sources of life per hit and now 2 sources of lpss as well.

I put my cdr and rcr into calculators, as it is now, I have 37.7 cdr and 43 rcr, so I put vit on both scar bringer and shoulder seeing as I hit the 40/40. A more rounded setup is to swap the topaz for a diamond in the helm, and roll RCR on the shoulders, so I end up with 45.5 cdr and 40 rcr but I lose the 650 vit on shoulders.

So I went with the first setup, and pumped every paragon into vit. Gave it a dry run. Horrible spirit management in T13, it doesn't work as things die too quick to proc zodiac, i'm dry of spirit most of the time. Really need to run with ingeom for T13, maybe lose the flying dragon in cube.

Tried a GR 70, spirit management is good, everything just melts, trash dies in 1 or 2 hits.

Straight to GR 75, did die a few times even with so much 30k life per hit and 1000 life per spirit spent (2 items of 500). Arcane pretty much is 1 hit, as is groteque explosions. Did the GR 75 on the first go, wasn't tight but not comfortable either, if I died to the guardian, with the long death timer - I'd fail.

Looking at my setup now, 1390 vit from paragon (only makes up like 1-2 items worth), and having an abundance of cdr/rcr without even needing to roll it on weapons, and having vit on shoulders and weapon... I have kinda done the reverse of typical builds. That is, rcr/cdr on weapons and vit elsewhere. Gotta make do with what you have right, even if it's non optimal.

The crystal fist is now open to rolling, probably add 24 Area damage on it. (or vit as I still seem to die).

I do have 10% IAS, and i do seem to hit very fast with STI and flying dragon that I empty my spirit very very fast. Maybe 5% IAS is enough?
Maybe swap rorg for zodiac in cube :)
I figured 75 was around where you'd end up. 80 without augments should be doable, but probably will take a few more gear swaps. You should try to get a useful hellfire amulet. It's not that hard, should take 50-100 tries which only adds up to a few hours.

You don't want to lose flying dragon for in-geom, but crystal fist. I think the way you're set up is actually good potentially, if you can get area damage/vit on weapons. You have way too much lpss and loh.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the damage reduction roll on the crystal fist is really, really important. Going from 40% to 45% is about as good as adding two diamonds, or more.
Yeah my weapons could do with some work (as with a bunch of other items missing secondary resists).

Is the hellfire that important? I've looked at a few LoN Ltk guides and the list of passives used don't look like they are adding that much. What are the 5 mandatory passives for pushing?

I've rolled 48 hell fires already. 3 ancients all useless. Probably 2-3 keepers for dps and zdps builds. Seeing so many random rolls I'm not feeling the chances of getting something good are high.
A good ancient hellfire is well worth getting. It's much easier to get than you think because you don't need a fire damage roll. 20% fire is about as good as 1000dex because this build already has so much fire %.
The 3 must-have passives in this order : Beacon, Harmony, Seize.
Good 4ths/5ths are : Relentless, Guardians, NDE, Determination. Anything that adds damage or defense.

Although I am playing around with a good ancient Countess Cameo on seasons. Lasers can be a real problem.

You should be aiming for around 2b toughness buffed, which you should be able to keep up with at least 2-3 monsters.
With good density I will spam mantra too.

Ideally you want to get your CDR and RCR and 1 LOH roll from weapons (no vita, even better no dex). Area damage on shoulders, plus CDR/RCR.
CDR and RCR are more cost effective on weapons, if you want area damage roll that on other gear.
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Not too sure of the rest, but vulture is always better than spinning as it does more damage.

Interesting.. i didn't know that... i thought they had the same % ?
Please explain further :p

Vulture Claw Kick
Release a torrent of fire that burns enemies within 10 yards for 755% weapon damage as Fire and an additional 230% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds.


Spinning Flame Kick
Hurl a column of fire that burns through enemies, causing 755% weapon damage as Fire to each enemy it strikes.
Is the 2 billion buffed toughness guideline including max stacks of goguk?

I'm only at 1 billion toughness with lefebre cyclone, crystal fist dash, and desert shroud... and I have like 6100 in vit where I see most others are at 5000.

Even with 4-5 more secondary resist rolls on gear and a higher crystal fist I don't see how I'm going to get 2 billion toughness (and I have 1000 vit more than others).

Can it be the thousands of Dex that's adding to toughness? Or the 2 billion is absolute and includes manual casts of mantra and max goguk?
1bil toughness is plenty.. im ard 900mil and can survive in a 95 just fine

All you really need is LoH.
Really 900million and just life on hit?

I have 30,000 life on hit (2 items) and 1000 life per spirit spent (2 items) and I can't face tank that well.

The second lefebre or shroud or crystal drops I die very quickly even inT13. And a lot of things 1 hit me Like fatso explosions and arcane beams but that's more GR75 - unless you play like a ninja I find running with so little toughness a bit frustrating.
@Armisal you probably are not keeping up the FD buff. You must run radiance.

You do not have enough CDR/RCR in gear. You have a total of about 43 from chest, shoulder, glove. I have about 64. Reroll your vita on Scarbringer to CDR/RCR.
Try to get another crystal, 40 is quite bad. Until then reroll the LPSS.
You have too much vita. The build needs mitigation not vita. This is not raiment.

Missing all resist or sec resist on pants. Missing sec resist on gloves, helm, chest.

Superfool is right. But only as long as you maintain your buffs including FD. You can afford to drop a buff like lefebre against single targets. But with at least 3 monsters all buffs should be up all the time easily. If you dont find this then AS or CDR are the problem.

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