LoN build help

Gak, looking at your items:

weapon 10, belt 8, skill 20, paragon 10 = 43.4
if you add goguk it's 49.3

weapon1 10, weapon2 10, shoulder 8, paragon 10, chest 28, helm 12.5 = 57.7

How are you getting the 64?

I was sticking to the 40/40 guideline, is 40 CDR not enough and you need higher to keep a somewhat closer to perm epiphany?

My current setup.. used to have ad% instead of rcr on crystal fist, but trying different things atm.

If i keep track of my buffs then i never run out of anything :)
Armisal, that was just roughly what I had in gear combined CDR and RCR total.
weapon 10, Beacon 20, paragon 10

weapon1 10, weapon2 10, shoulder 8, paragon 10, chest 28, helm 12.5

I think area damage is important too once you have enough CDR/RCR. But RCR is far more important than CDR. Keeping at 5AS zodiac provides excellent CDR.

Downed 89 using Hellcat belt last night on Seasons! Tried 90 and nearly got it. Given up trying to find a good WH. It feels a lot easier than with the CDR belt.

Getting the playstyle right is important. Tips :
1. When moving avoid using dash as this eats zodiac. Move with LTK epi dash as this doesn't cost zodiac and also will lowers cooldowns by zodiac and keeps up gogok.
2. Keep epi up by hitting trash a few seconds as you move.
3. When fighting elites drag them on when Seize wears off.
4. When playing with builds open your character screen while fighting and make sure you keep up 5AS.
5. Be frugal spending your skills. E.g. Epi exactly when it runs out.
6. The most important piece is helm. Try to get max LTK and fireball with secondary resist. Spirit is good roll too but secondary resist is twice as good. My helm on seasons is missing 17%dps !
Congrats GAK. Hope to follow you soon. I got two decent WH's while going nuts over trying to get a GNK with secondary resist and good fireball/LTK stats. Hasn't happened yet, probably won't by season's end. Maybe you should try to roll something other than belts if you want a good one. :p

I did 10x GR82 runs a couple of weeks ago, 5 with saffron wrap, and 5 with a 6ias WH. The saffron wrap had slightly higher sheet DPS, and much higher toughness, but the WH configuration still was over half a minute faster on average. Attack speed seems really important. But then again, so does everything else.

I think having more CDR is beneficial when you make a lot of mistakes, then its worth phasing out/swapping for RCR when you get more used to it.
Jealous of you guys able to plough along, game RNG gods seem to have stopped me in my tracks, 2k FS and countless BS later still no usable ancient scarbringer which is a basic requirement for the build
SuperFoolDK or anyone else, is SuperFool's character/build good?

It's missing as much secondary resists as I am (5), and is staying alive (i'm guessing) with sixth sense (which someone mentioned here as not in the top 5 passives) and having a zillion points in dex via paragons and augments.

RCR at 58.8 (including cinder)
CDR at 33.8 (without goguk)

So epiphany isn't up alot? And staying alive by being very offensive with a crazy dps gyana? It's not following the 40/40 cdr/rcr guideline or there's a deeper reason?
The deeper reason is i work with what i have :p.. seems to work well for me at least. Im sure there are better players and people with better gear :)

Have done 90 in 9.45 and 93 in 12.xx. havent been so active in pushing it since then but had a few tries at 95 where i spawned rg in time but failed anyways.

Survival is never a big issue for me. As long as i don't die more than 3 times in a gr then i'd rather go for dps instead of more toughness.

Curious to what the 5'th passive should be instead ?
Armisal, I would advise against using halcyon amulet (although your amulet rolls are great) because enemies cant be cycloned/grouped together when they are jumping up and down. u will lose valuable time and DPS if u use epiphany when enemies are scattered all around.

LON LTK is very very gear specific and getting the ideal gears with ideal rolls are extremely important if we want to push our GR limits. I think we should concentrate in getting those ideal gears, tackling it one at a time until we get all our GG gears.
12/23/2016 10:11 PMPosted by SuperFoolDk
Curious to what the 5'th passive should be instead ?

Determination perhaps.
I would just like to give those responsible for this thread and the previous regarding Lon Ltk a big Thank You for all your help and encouragement. This build has been by far the most fun I have had playing Monk since D3 dropped. For anyone reading this thread I would just say do all the farming necessary, run all the bounties you have to, to get yourself geared to this build. I have always played D3 solo...never group play at all...it has taken a huge effort to gear this build for me but I managed to do it and so can you. There are still a few tweaks to make for me but I am having a blast playing Rifts for the first time. Good Luck and Happy Holidays.
Ok rolled like 48 hellfires before, and rolled another 60-70 today. Lots of ok dex/socket/cc/cd and passive, but none of them ancient. Might give up on the hellifires.

I do have some ok ancients on NS:

crystal fist:
dex, vit, life on hit

scar bringer
dex, 16 area, socket
6 enemys

so I'll probably not reroll my weapons and wait for the roll over, i'm not one to push ladders.

My NS doesn't have any good dex cindercoats, nothing with secondary res, although I do have this strength cindercoat:
20 fire
12% life
180 phy res
25% fire

so I could roll the str for sockets, and just forgo the dex.

Or I stay with the superfool route and don't bother with much secondary res, get sixth sense, and go ham on the augments and paragon for mitigation.
Another 50 hellfire crafts and finally got it!

Lost the secondary resists that my halcyon had though, but I pick up a passive to make up for it.

Guardian's path gives more sheet toughness (dodge goes to 50+), but sixth sense might work like in superfool's case? Or maybe just near death experience?

There is also the option of going glass cannon and getting determination and relentless assault.

Playing around with my character and items, it seems armor + secondary res > all res, I'm surprised.

I'm starting to think I'll just roll secondary resist on my magefist, and leave it as dex/cdr/cc/rcr.

Question now is what to roll on my weapons (or NS weapons),
Crystal: LpSS to cdr or AD?
Scar: vit to cdr or AD?

Crystal: vit or LoH to CDR or AD?
Scar: socket to CDR or AD?
Dodge is a fickled one and somewhat fake when it comes to toughness, i'd recommend the NDE passive to avoid getting oneshot.
As far as the weapons i'd suggest rolling 1 loh and ad% on the other(if the build feels right with the cdr/rcr balance). Vit or dex will come later
This dropped:

1350-1682 (of 1318-1940)
964 dex
896 vit
24 area damage
14 max spirit
1% chance to fear (of 1-2.6)
6 hits

roll off the vit? but the base damage is pretty low, can roll that too.
The fear on hit scares me, makes me want to roll that off too.

Any ideas?
Congrats on the hellfire. I too was surprised by how powerful harmony + secondary resists are. At first, I just stacked AR everywhere which was a bad idea. How much CDR and RCR you need to have is almost dependent on feel. More experienced players can usually do well with less. Don't know about sixth sense vs guardians path. I try to skip all defensive passives, and I'd personally probably take NDE over both, but I've seen better players use one of either of those 3.

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