Red Soul Shard

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Just some thoughts:
1. The secondary effect doesn't happen often enough.
2. The secondary effect can trigger in town, where it is of no use.
3. The primary effect doesn't contribute enough to active gameplay.

That said, it's a nice trophy item, with a cool transmog, and can add something new to low-level play. Also, the Darkening of Tristram event was pretty cool.

An idea -- Maybe make the gem about risk vs. reward:

Primary Effect - Lord of Terror:
All enemies within 50 yards of you who are currently suffering fear, from any source, take X% of the damage you apply to any other feared enemy. This effect can stack with itself.

X begins at 1% and rises by +1% per gem rank, with no hard cap.

Secondary Effect (unlocked at gem rank 25):
Using your potion consumes 10 blood shards, and reduces your resource costs and cooldowns of all skills by 75% for 15 seconds. For 30 seconds after that, you occasionally wrestle for control against Diablo. Whenever you lose, you suffer the Dark Wanderer's Madness.

Dark Wanderer's Madness = Diablo's face pops up over one of the skills on your bar at random for 2 seconds, completely disabling all active and passive effects related to it (as if it had been unslotted).

Note that since the cooldown of a potion is 30 seconds, if you're not careful, you could potentially stack two instances of Dark Wanderer's Madness on yourself for 15 seconds.
Its just a cutesy thing. More of a cosmetic item really.
This item seems to be an easter egg. With Diablo 3 having many elements of Diablo 1 in play including the feature (4 players to a game). With the latest patch being able to travel back in time to D1 story it almost seems that it could be possible with that capability that you're re-writing history. That's just a fan theory of mine though and probably not true. The item is unique though for its rank 25 effects giving you reduced cooldowns. Cooldowns and less hotkeys seemed to have completely taken place in the world of Diablo. As any legacy players would remember there were no cooldowns and there was more to your build with hotkeys and being able to macro a lot more. Macro in D3 is short and sweet with keybinding 1-4 left click right click.
where can i find this item?
You'll have to wait for the Darkening of Tristram event to reappear in January.

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