Trouble Getting 4 Stacks of Tal Rasha (WoW)

Trying to get 4 stacks of Tal Rasha to proc using my Flashfire Woh build. I can get 3 to stack, but I've only ever seen it at 4 once. Using Electrocute (Surge of Power), Ice Nova (Bone Chill), Teleport (calamity), and of course Explosive Blast (Chain Reaction).

Are my skills wrong? I have 6 pieces on. I feel like my rotation is straight forward: just keep hitting EB and hit everything else once cooldown is up.

Any ideas or help is appreciated.
Frost nova: bone chill doesn't do damage so it doesn't give a stack.

Only frozen mist will unfortunately.
Ah, therein lies the problem. Thanks!
01/17/2017 12:37 PMPosted by amauz11
Ah, therein lies the problem. Thanks!

Any time (:
Try glacial spike for cold and signature, and thunder crash for lightning. Works great with shame of delsere and nilfur's.

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