Ladder Ranks Not Showing up

Anyone else not having their Rank show up in D3 official rankings or on websites like Diabloprogress?

The only one that seems to work is the one in game.
The in game leaderboards are accurate. The website leaderboards are not getting updated as often as they normally would be right now. This has occurred before when Blizz needs to use the processing power for more important things.

Blizzard does not push data to other websites, they make web services publicly available which 3rd party websites can call to import various types of data and those other 3rd parties control when they want to call for the data. However, the data they get via the web services will match what is on (it all comes from the same source), so if is wrong for some reason other websites will be too. This also means that if the 3rd party sites do not regularly refresh their data what you see there will be stale.
Experienced the same thing, did 79 the other day and still has not shown up on leader boards. Didn't get in game message I usually do when achieve a new rank either.
Meh, I'm more concerned with the fact the website says I have no friends. It needs to stop judging!

For the record, I'm not appearing on the website leaderboards either, but I could care less.
I have just living the same issue. As I am in top 50 Europe crusader, I am interested to have my rank published in d3 website d3 ingame leaderboard and other website....
Please help blizzard.

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