Avatars - They Finally Happened

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Highly Rated
Long overdue, but a huge thank you none the less.
I am poleaxed. And pleased
Yeah nice :)
Holey Cadoodles!
my god...

I think im crying.
Thank you !
Thank you :)
I'm crying tears of joy. Thank you!!!!
Does everyone have the same 36 to choose from or are they limited edition ones?
We can be individuals now!
Thank you Blizzard! I thought for a moment I was in the wrong forums. ;)
Everything that improves the game or the forum is welcomed, not matter how long we have to wait for it. It's never too late to do the right thing.
Thanks Blizz'!
You can even edit and delete posts now! I'm motivated to be a good little poster now so I never get banned.
Amazing, never thought the day would come.
Would be great if we can upload our own avatars.

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