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I remember what it was like to trade with a friend or sell an item and i miss that. Not being able to trade in this game is just terrible,this is the only major rpg that you cant trade in. Myself and many others would love that back in the game,not sure if the nerd herd elite will agree, but it was just plain fun to do. Infact i actually miss the auction house aswell.If the drops were like they are now ,we would not have had so many issues with auction house. But thats another topic.
No trading.

No auction house.

No mercy.

Progress by playing, not with your CC.
I do somewhat agree that if items were as good as they are now the AH would not have been so terrible however that being said I don't know if it should come back. I do however miss being able to do runs and say finding an item my buddy might want/need and being able to surprise them with it when they get on later in the evening. First time I surprised my buddy with an item in diablo 2 it was the occulus. I mean he was ecstatic about it for hours! In many ways we both worked up that character to get him gear and my necro gear in that game so I wish it was possible to at least trade items with friends. Though even if they did it people would sadly just find ways to abuse it.
I would love to see 100% free trading via PoE trading post/chat system and all items have finite life spans and your characters are more than pointless little paper dolls....

Not many people would enjoy this experience....but in a game that has "hardcore" mode I feel the option is justified...
I wish I could have just 1 account to trade with. I play a lot more then my wife and more times then not I find an item completely useless to me but my wife has use for.

If they could (to steal a term from another game) let us "Soul bound" our account to 1 other....JUST 1... It would be nice. It would not affect the masses. Both accounts would have to permanently agree to the soul binding.
Trading = sell site botter swarm

just... ffs ppl it's been years, get over it, trading was removed for 'reasons' GOOD reasons.

Deal with it.
02/27/2017 01:31 PMPosted by Lash
Progress by playing, not with your CC.

People say this so often, but the reality is lot of us cashed out thousands more than the few items we actually bought from the RMAH. For every player that dumps money to the AH someone else is getting that money.

Needless to say I do just fine in this current system too, since my gear is actually better (relatively to other players) than when the AH existed since I actually wear my upgrades instead of sell them :P
I personally think maybe it should allow you to trade with people on your friends list after a certain amount of time. That way you can trade with good friends still and people can't just add people and sell items that way. Still probably would sadly have ways to make it abusable but IF trading came back I think it would be the best way. I mean who wants to add someone only to trade for an item two weeks to a month later? I mean this way people could still trade with friends but would not be able to do trades with bots as easy etc. Again probably still sadly ways to abuse it or cheat the system as it were but I feel it has a hope of working this way though again it is probably not worth putting trading in again.
02/28/2017 01:09 AMPosted by Arawn
Trading = sell site botter swarm

Just run it thru the GAH (screw the RMAH). That would make it incredibly difficult for spam sites.

There is nothing worse in this game than finding a very good version of a BIS piece of gear, then just salvaging it because you have a slightly better one. I would love to get something in return for that item rather than a soul. Especially if i can trade whatever that currency is for a piece of gear that rngesus won't bless me with.
I think i big, Major part of diablo has been trading. It's part of what kept d2 going for me. I have this trade me that. I think you should for sure be able to trade with friends, So many times have i found stuff my buddy could use.. oops he is offline guess he doesn't get it. Bring trading back Even if its only to friend who have been on your friends list for x amount of time.

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