New Augmentation and Itemization System to revive D3

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I just thought about a new augmentation itemization system that should help alleviate a lot of RNG issues with this game.

Here's the gist of it...

First of all, all items will now roll with guaranteed stats, while RNG will only be on the range. Legendaries have a wider range, Ancients have a smaller range, and Primals have a smaller range with higher rolls. Any additional stats on the item are based on augmentations.

So here are some examples:

Sacred Harvester Ceremonial Knife for a WD:

DAMAGE RANGES (these numbers might be a bit off, but you get the idea)
Legendary: DMG range = 1200-1560 MIN to 1491-1940 MAX
Ancient: DMG range = 1450-1560 MIN to 1800 - 1940 MAX
Primal: DMG range = 1600-1700 MIN to 1940-2100 MAX

Will now only roll with a socket and the primary stat: Legendary has a wider range, Ancient has a smaller Range, and Primal has a smaller range with higher min and max levels.
Secondary affixes remain RNG.

**2 Additional Augments available (I'll get to this in a sec)**

So now we have a weapon with a guaranteed primary stat that rolls a much tighter range for ancients and primals. Legendary versions are a dime a dozen, so the range remains the same. What about the other 2 affixes? ...

The basis is similar to augmentation of primary stats with legendary gems, but now, certain legendary gems have a different augmentation stat associated with it (the recipe could be a legendary gem of X level, and 1 Royal gem, etc).

For example, if Bane of the Trapped is used to augment this weapon, for every X levels on the gem, 1% Weapon Damage is the augmented stat to the weapon (to a max of 10% Weapon Damage). If Bane of the Powerful is used, Attack Speed is the stat (max 7%), if Bane of the Stricken is used, CDR% is the stat (max is 10%), and so on.

This augmentation system enables customization of the item based on augments. So let's say you get that long coveted Primal Ancient Sacred Harvester. You know the following:
1. It will roll with very high primary stat and dmg ranges
2. It will have a socket
3. You can guarantee that you can add 10% Weapon Damage to it along with another key affix

Problem solved. Primal Ancient weapons would NEVER suck. Heck, even Ancients would never suck from now on.

Oh, and with a guaranteed socket and customization of 2 affixes? You can now add a socket to any item with Ramaladni's Gift.

You can also still go and random roll the affixes like we currently do with yellow, blue, and white mats.

With these changes, I'd like to actually see less Ancients and Primals since they'd definitely roll extremely well. Maybe something like 5% for Ancients, and 0.5% for Primals.

So? Waddya think?

Maybe this might be a system just for ancients and primals? Legendary versions can suck all day long, but it should be special to get an Ancient and REALLY special to get a Primal Ancient.
Hell no, but i gave you a like because you gave this some thought
Here's another example that would make our lives so much more pleasant lol

Traveller's Pledge:
Now rolls guaranteed CHD%, CC%, primary stat, and socket
Legendary Ranges: CHD% (50%-100%), CC% (6%-10%)
Ancient Ranges: CHD% (70%-100%), CC% (8%-10%)
Primal Ranges: CHD% (95%-120%), CC% (9.5% - 12%)
*1 Affix Available* - BOTT gem = Fire%, BOTP = Cold%, etc

Compass Rose:
Now rolls guaranteed CHD%, CC%, primary stat, and socket
Legendary Ranges: CHD% (25%-50%), CC% (4.5%-6%)
Ancient Ranges: CHD% (40%-50%), CC% (5%-6%)
Primal Ranges: CHD% (45%-70%), CC% (5.5% - 9%)
*2 Affixes Available* - BOTT gem = Fire%, BOTP = Cold%, etc

How wonderful would this be eh? lol

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