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I mean, the ring set that lets you build your own set is nice, but the fact that you go from Nightmare to T6 just by getting your set is kind of ridiculous.
-My main issue is that it's too simple.-

There are no skill trees, no stat distribution, no runes and no REAL runewords, no jewels, an absolutely garbage choice of gems (half of which are totally useless), incredibly limited and often forced choices for gear, cant trade items or gold, cant gamble with gold, no uniques, no balanced or varied sets, no charms, a ripoff cube that no longer gives you more inventory space, uninspired and uninteresting character classes.... I could probably go on and on for a long time on this topic....

In all seriousness, the dev team that made this did it so lazily that, as a huge diablo fan, it's 100% f*king insulting.
There is no depth to this game.
02/02/2017 01:05 PMPosted by Zymurgeist
Obscenely disjointed inconsistent design philosophies.


and just the lack of creativity and imagination.. but thats natural when u have developers filling the roles of designers..
Greater rifts - the staple of D3 - have been completely trashed by the devs.
Sorry, we don't accept anyone in our greater rift group unless they have full augmented primal ancients in all slots.
My main problem with D3 is the forced social aspect. Would have to say at least 90% of the 'social' interactions I am forced to endure are what makes me leave to go play other games for a while, till that damn loot itch starts creepin up on me. Let's not even talk about the forums tenor and tone...
Way to much loot RNG.
That there's no D4 yet.

Seriously how long can a person play one game? Would like updated visuals, new story, new mechanics, new characters.
Grinding and luck are what dictate how far you go, and all luck really does in D3 is slightly reduce grinding time.

And this progression:
    6 piece moves you from Master to T5-6 almost instantly.
    Unity/follower can't die moves you from T6 to T11+ instantly.
    Grinding for reroll mats, gems and paragon takes care of everything else.

And on that last point, again, superior luck just limits the grind time required for any one piece of gear. Get a good ancient roll early, and that's 250-500 fewer Forgotten Souls needed for that that build...for that hero.
02/02/2017 09:28 AMPosted by clueso
My main problem with D3 boils down to the fact that the devs tell me how and what I shall play.


You summed it up really well. We wanted a new D2, and the devs basically said 'tough !@#$, enjoy this or get out'. Unfortunately that attitude has now rubbed off on the forum trolls who still defend the Diablo 3 team.

My main problem with D3? The developers have never, at any point, appeared to actually take our feedback into consideration.
02/02/2017 09:28 AMPosted by clueso
My main problem with D3 boils down to the fact that the devs tell me how and what I shall play.

To elaborate what I mean with this, is...
1) ...that the devs imposes very specific endgame builds on players via massively overpowered sets and legendaries that only buff specific skill combinations and thereby making all other builds useless, that people could come up with on their own.

2) ...that greater rifts are basically the only real endgame, because they give significantly more XP and loot than any other mode in the game (bounties, normal rifts, story mode), thereby making these other modes almost redundant in a game that is all about progress and accumulating loot.
Itemization and skill's setup that's my one complaint everything else can be dealt with
wish my toughness mattered...
Not enough stash space.
The giant XP gap between solo and group play.
RNG wrapped in RNG stuffed inside RNG all rolled up in a big RNG tortilla with a side serving of RNG with RNG sprinkles on top.
02/08/2017 04:49 PMPosted by Bastet
wish my toughness mattered...

It does, and I wish it didn't :p
Dumb players will always be dump players
I got wormhole'd.

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