Sharing my Broken Dawn UE6/Nat's4 Grenadier

Demon Hunter

I made this build because I couldn't get Rimeheart/Frostburn to work at all, and I had Hellcat Waistgaurd, and I hate seeing nothing but Yang's Recurve. This is the result of my spare time and testing what items I had available.

Skills: Grenade - Grenade Cache, Rain of Vengeance - Anathema, Vengeance - Personal Mortar
Main Weapon: Calamity / skill: Marked for Death - Death Toll (3% life heal per hit on marked)
Armor: Unhallowed Essence (5 pcs)
- whatever pieces you have
Natayla's (3 pcs) - For skill: Rain of Vengeance - Anathema
- Ring
- Crossbow
- Pants (or whatever you have)
Ring of Royal Grandeur (Kanai or finger)
Broken Promises (Kanai or finger)
- Emerald both weapons
Gems: Simplicity's Strength (4% life heal per hit)
Mirinae, Teardrop (3% life heal - 15% chance)
Invigorating Gemstone (heal increase per hit, upto 10 stacks)
Kanai Cube:
Dawn - Gets that Vengeance - Anathema going often
Depth Diggers
Broken Promises

Use Vengeance against your Elite packs, Grenade and RoV should be able to wipe out white mobs easily, combing it all gets you insane numbers of hits, which is all needed to proc Broken Promises.

Damage: Calamity/Marked for Death - 15% increase damage
Hellcat Waistgaurd : 50 - 200% + 800% damage increase ALL grenades
Depth Diggers - 100% primary skill damage increase
Simplicity's Strength (25) - 37.5% primary skill damage increase
Mirinae (25) - 4500% wpn dmg @ 15% chance hit

Healing: Calamity/Death Toll, Simplicity's Strength, Mirinae's gets you
7 - 10% life per hit - Invigorating Gemstone (25) increases that up to 15%

Hope you like it, this isn't to push, only to have a DH that isn't using Yang's, will be fine for farming.
Also, Cluster Grenades, don't know why I saw Grenade Cache instead of that... OH WHELLLLL

Also also, swapped Invigorating for Bane of Powerful since 15% of 10% wasn't worth the socket :D
Nice looking build, I can see where it would be nice for a change of pace.

I have yet to even see a Calamity but when I do, I may check this out.

Thanks for sharing
If only UE buffed Rain of Vengeance right? :(
id rather have balefire or fortress ballista. calamity is completely useless even for the 15% damage it shares with your mark rune. drop calamity free up a skill slot and also get more out of balefire or ballista. while giving up convention couldnt be bad for nats set bonuses. you cant have depth diggers and nats pants at the sametime. so youd have to give up that aswell. if i ever get a good nats crossbow im willing to give this a try as it could potentially work since convention is only a dps boost 4 secs at a time. im guessing it would be a hybrid build ofc youd want hellcat or hunter wrath in cube an just give up depth diggers.
Didn't like ballista. I like my build how it is. The healing scheme works and the damage boosts from Broken Promises is fun to watch, when you get piles of crits and everything in the room blows up.

Also, Calamity is fun to use. If you don't need the healing you can use Grim Reaper rune and everything dies faster. And I already have hellcat belt why would I need that in my cube except to get Hunter's Wrath in there, even if I wasn't using Depth Diggers in my cube, having Hellcat in there when you've got the belt is a waste, the cube slot can be used for Aquila Cuirass or Crashing Rain, Magefist, Krelms, St Archews, so many better powers...

Anyway this build was made with what items I already had, no farming.
When broken promises came out it had an ICD. I have been out of the game a while but does it still have an ICD?

If it does your build would be really gimped by it.
Actually I'm not sure if it does. I don't think so. It seems to proc based on those five normal hits. I found this thread:

So it seems to have a tiny ICD, but it doesn't seem to change your chances much compared to that one stray crit with the 5% CHC, it'd be better if you could just have 0% CHC, obvs, not sure if there's any way to pull that off. < I dont think most of this thread applies but may be useful...

However, it still outpowers Convention of Elements, which I'm not sure why people are forcing CoE on themselves.... you can swap CHC for CHD and take Broken and get a steadier supply of crits. It might be slightly gimped by the ICD but it's not super noticeable, 0% CHC would mean 100% chance to crit, and an overpowered damage bonus :D
Min possible crit chance is the 5% base
But Interesting...

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