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According to the post date of "Restoring the Balance" on Diablo 3's main page, the necromancer was announced on 11/4/2016. We have a few tidbits of information, which is fine, but it's been four months and they haven't even ANNOUNCED the release date yet. It's a character pack, not a whole damn expansion. I know balancing takes time, but Jesus it's a single character! Just saying "it will be released in 2017" doesn't help. First quarter? Second quarter? Give me something, anything, other than a carrot on a stick! /rantover
They did say "2nd half"
Its already been said that it will be released in the 2nd half of 2017 so we have some time in front of us. Possibly we will hear more during the next PTR for s11.
Man... a year for an extra class to redo the same content we've already done. Yet Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm get bi-weekly updates.
I'm expecting them to release it at Blizzcon 2017 so that they have something Diablo-related to talk about.
they released diablo 3 in 5/14/20112 from the the top of my head.

finally a necro 5 years 3 or 5 months later.
Yup, i saw necromancer on the account page and immediately downloaded the game only to found there was no necromancer, sick and tired of this crappy bait.

Time to uninstall the game again, i had enough of doing the same content over and over again atleast it would be refreshing for a while with the necromancer.

Seasons hardly offer anything new.
My only gripe about this is that it will keep them vested in D3 for some time instead of looking forward. SC2 and D3 are both winding down now, with no future RTS or ARPG in Blizzard's horizon and it's unlikely they'll be able to keep both of those titles exciting for much longer.
Lost interest, Back on Diablo 2 now and Since NieR Came out. Diablo 3 doesn't exist.
I played this season but when i heard there was no new items for seasons and nothing substantial added since season 3 i just uninstalled.

Hoping for d4 but having a blast on grim dawn and horizon zero dawn.
Just waiting for nier to hit pc this month as well.
Sadly the game has gone fairly stagnant unless you enjoy doing thousands upon thousands of rifts in hopes that the 10.000 legendary weapon that drops is actually an ancient and has perfect stats. I know primals are coming but let's be real the drop rates are going to be terrible and you're going to get the absolute worst stat categories possible. I played Season 9 and absolutely can't wait for the Necromancer so i have another fully enjoyable season. A yearly new class would help improve the game but so would changes that make it so groups don't just want barbs and monks to be support. Oh well Ghost Recon is out now and Mass Effect is soon to come. Diablo will die again by skeletons when that day comes.
I agree that six months for a re-skin and themed abilities for WD-alternate is a bit much...
"Yeah WD broken. How do we fix WD?"
"Just make it again from scratch as the Necromencer!!! Screw WD."
"But won't we screw up the necromancer too?"
"Sorry what was that? I was just thinking of this awesome overpowered set idea where if you push all these different buttons to set up all the buffs, then use corpse explosion, it's powerful as!"
The necromancer pack is going to be a pretty big deal.

It won't be a class redesigned to work in the current patch of D3. It will be a class build from the ground up that properly works with all of the new things they've added to D3 over the years.

I'm not saying i'm going to buy it but i seriously doubt it's going to be underwhelming.

If anything, the necro should have a lot of options between well designed set bonuses and well designed skill runes.

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