Finally did it... on my first try.

GR80 with Invoker - COMPLETE 13:04, #88 on the leaderboard (in-game, website is a hater).

Let's not talk about the 3 81s I attempted after....
Congrats. I barely completed a 79 with some fishing. The best I've completed with invoker is 67. Too addicted to the mobility of LoN sader to run with anything else.
Congrats MJ.
Thanks Maddog!

@Bond - Yeah, Invoker is slow and it usually takes some fishing to get an Invoker friendly rift. The one I got was moderately friendly and enabled me to get a nice lead on floor 1. Floor 2 was pretty light on mobs, but it had 3 elite mobs toward the end of it. Floor 3 was a perfect finishing area, with decent density and 2 pylons close to each other.

As for the 81s, well, I like density, but please keep the Flame Guardians to a minimum... All 3 of them were horribly light on density, but the floors that actually had it were filled with Flame Guardians. I can only tank so much of that!! Ended up just trying to find the exit on those floors and getting way behind on the clock. Grrrr!
Congrats!! I managed an 80 too without fishing, just got real lucky I guess on rift. Like you, no such luck on 81 yet.
OOOO I hate those flame guardians, I hate them act 1 mobs that also wind up with a mace to almost one shot you too. Indeed, scary foes to fight as an Invoker.
I know, right! What's with all the OPness of Dark Berzerkers? 200m toughness should laugh at those freaks.
I tried hammerdin for the first time late season... Geared through deaths breath. Was scared to run DPS gems so I ran mutilation and esoteric and was able to do an 87. Try hammers. It's silly. Ten hours played on sader, and I'm really not good at all.
gratz bro!
Kudos MJ!

Good job this season!!!
Maxed out on GR82 with Invoker.

@marmoset and WhiteOwl - Thanks brothers!!

@Troll - I did get some rather decent gear for Hammers, but since my main focus was on Invoker (trying to see how high I could get with it) and LoN Bomb (for speed running GR65 - 70s for paragon), I didn't get to Cal much of it. I did, however, complete a GR75 with it, with only 1 proc. Not bad for not focusing on the set and I can see it's potential going with toughness gems. Grats on your 87 clear!

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