error 1016???

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I got DCed during a bounty, yet again. But this time, I got this error code and when I went to close the pop up, was completely sigend out.
I just got the same error during a regular rift and am trying to Google it.

(I was also experiencing lots of lag and rubber banding at the time as well, but I don't know if those have anything to do with this. I get lag without an error code often enough.)

But I also have been told this new patch is acting up a bit, which I suppose is to be expected with a new patch. To be expected, yes, and also annoying, but that is probably why they released the patch before season start, so they can get any wrinkles ironed out.

Meanwhile... Yeah.
Oddly, the only results I find on Google to these forums return "page not found" errors. The Google result for this page says it was posted on February 27, 2017 and has 14 replies. But clicking it gives me a 404 error.

Very strange!
I can't get in-game for more then 10 seconds at a time before Error 1016 boots me to log-in screen. My connection seems fine for all other games...
Another player reporting in that I am suffering the same problem, its intermittant but kicks me from the game very frustrating.
might be the reason for today's maintenance.
fingers crossed
aaand, Nope. post maintenance and it just happened again.
First I get DCed, then "Error code 1016".
Idk what about you guys but i get sound loop screen freeze and then error 1016 idk if its related
I got the same error multiple times as well on top of getting a 1032 A 3002 and 3003 error as well seems like something within their servers is not connecting properly don't know if they have to do a server shutdown and refresh everything or something because my connection is also just fine on all the other games except anything related
It is post-maintenance, and I am still having the problem.
same here
Anyone? This 1016 is annoying!
Been trying to log in and play the game but keep getting dced every 3 min or so......
Got dc'ed after killing a GR 70 loot, no gem upgrades.

What in the !@#$ing %^- is this 1-16 *!@# Blizzard?
This DC crap has been happening ever since the event update and still hasnt been fixed. First they say go to 32bit graphics, connect to a chat, have close when you open D3 and all have failed so you write a ticket and they say do all this troubleshooting only to find out that the lag and pings get lost in Europe. I have grown used to losing money I paid for a game that wont ever run right. Maybe I should switch to another game and give a few years to iron out their !@#$.
Same here!! with 2.5 patch I have server disconnection and getting error code 1016, any suggestion or fix, please!
never had DC problems before the 2.5 patch now i get 1016 ever 30 minutes or so. might wait till season 10 starts before i log back in so much for trying out all the new builds to see what i will play or push with this season..
It does not even pay to open any type of N'rift or especially a G'rift because you never know when this damn "error 1016" is just going to kick you out into the log in screen! WTF is this fricken error 1016?? If I can cancel my WoW account because of stupid !@#$, well it won't take too much more of this particular "error 1016" to make me just uninstall ALL Blizzard crap from my PC!! PLEASE fix this... ASAP!! Thank you for your attention to this frustrating matter!! Sincerely, *frustrated*
I was doing my very last bounty when all of a sudden my demon hunter couldn't shoot any arrows and then I knew something was wrong...
Kicked off the server with an error 1016 message.
What the hell is an error 1016?

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