Etched Sigil - can it proc Manald Heal?

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I just got a rather nicely rolled Etched Sigil source, it's passive is basically to cast a random resource consuming ability once per second while I channel arcane torrent. My question is this : do the spells it casts have the ability to proc Paralyze + Manald Heal?

It doesn't seem to proc Tal Rashas 6 set bonus.

I'm using Lightning Arcane torrent, Black Hole, Lightning Hydra, Lightning Blizzard.
I do seem to be able to kill things quite rapidly in higher tier GRifts than using Tal Rashas source. Just wondering if I am getting the proc occurring more rapidly from the free casts per 1 second for the Lightning spells, or is it just the extra passive damage that is helping me?
It should, as the passive is triggered by any lightning damage caused by a spell.

However Manald Heal is a bit odd in the way it triggers as it's a time window where all lightning damage done causes stun and the additional damage. So the more "ticks" you can cause, the more often that time frame will occur.
Procs can't proc procs (say it three times fast!)

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