[2.5.0] (S10) MH Hydra Mechanics + Builds

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05/01/2017 03:12 PMPosted by aloc
Pretty cool idea with the SB build. Well done.

Have you thought about trying one with the twisted sword?

Thanks Aloc!
Thought about doing twisted sword, but the multiplier on the wicked wind rune only does 800% base damage and is lackluster in comparison to past season's builds.

Add to that the twister is meant for AoE more than single target, the extra damage from placing that skill not really worth the effort. (Stacking stricken with blades during that time period would be better, since we use hydras).
Here is (a rather long, 27m) Stricken theorycraft in which I optimized the Melee Fragment CoE build and compared it with the Ranged Starfire / Zei CoE MH Hydra build.
  • https://youtu.be/3yax0WlOogM?list=PLsBZISJpoL0KlTnEHs10e4TORyKmbYBQq

Summary: I think Melee is better due to higher multiplier by the 4th (sometimes even the 3rd) archon cycle.

Additional thoughts:
  • Melee better for Power pylon or Saxtris stricken stacking.
  • Ranged harder to manage the max range multiplier bonuses (compared to melee maintaining melee multipliers).
  • Ranged incurs more travel time.
  • If Ranged not even hitting AS BPs of the melee build, even more stricken stacking advantage for Melee.
A couple of questions here:
1. When using Zei's does the hydra position relative to the boss matter? I have read that since they are a pet their distance ( not yours ) is what affects zei's.

2. Regarding the attack speed buff of Stretch Time, is it a snapshot or is it dynamic? In other words does it matter if I am IN stretch time when I drop hydras, or just matters that I am in the stretch time when i pop archon and second bubble ( on top of the first ) to maximize attack speed? I.E if I were to move out of one or both of the bubbles the hydra would attack slower?
Aren't those the questions of the year. Let me take a stab.

1. Stand far from your target. The Zei mod (and Starfire mod) for MH procs is based on player distance, not pet distance (true in past, present, and future). The Zei mod for hydra damage (negligible in MH specs) is based on pet distance to target (true in past and present, but updated to use player on PTR).

During the Mammoth hydra era, things were more confusing because, late in the meta, it was discovered that moving Mammoth hydras closer to targets sometimes increased damage. This was because closer mammoth hydras provided more mammoth trail time-on-target. As best I can tell, both the Zei bonus and the closer-to-target bonus roughly cancelled each other out, depending on various factors such as exact distance, Zei lvl, and Hydra BP, and frequency of hydra refresh in a complex rotation, etc. In any case, it was a confuddled confusion fest at the time. Current confusion re MH and Zei is nothing in comparison!

2. Stretch time (sheet APS) is BOTH snapshot and dynamic for MH damage. The damage of Hydras and of MH procs from hydras both scale continuously with IAS (that is, no breakpoint is involved). That direct damage scaling of IAS in hydra damage and MH proc damage does snapshot. The effective dps of MH is also dynamic in that Hydras will adjust their APS (and thus frequency of MH procs) based on your sheet APS. If you make a Hydra APS breakpoint in stretch time, then you probably want to stay in there as much as possible. If you don't, then just be sure to cast hydras in the stretch time, then feel free to leave without edps suffering much or at all.

That's just how I understand things. Someone correct me if wrong.
How does Hydra interfering with MH procs for Archon Wave and Arcane Torrent work exactly?
If I'm hitting different mobs it doesn't interfere right? So I could use Hydra to clear trash that's been left behind while I clear the main group with Wave or AT?
Or if Hydra is proccing MH on some faraway mob, I can't proc MH on ANY mobs with my AT or Wave? How does it work exactly? :P

Can I use Hydra as left behind trash clear?

Also, if Hydra procced MH on a mob, can I attack it with my lightning spells to add MH damage in the 1.1 sec window?

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