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I was doing pretty good for Primals for the first couple of weeks, but since the server crash a few days ago I have not gotten a single Primal to drop. Certainly have done my share of grinding and my buddies got a couple the last few days so I know they are still dropping, just seems strange that I've had nothing but bad luck for days now.

Oh well, the excitement over Primals is long past for most of us now, they are a novelty and if you are lucky and get a weapon/offhand with the right stats that's the most you can hope for, otherwise regular ancients with essential stats are almost as good and sometimes better than the Primal you get with stats that render it useless so it ends up as 15 FSouls anyway.
i think you just have to not to think about what you really want.

right now i am looking for my first primal boots.
cause i wanted to start some where.

now kadala only give me ancients boots but from another set i am not using.
and thats just how it is.

i hope to get some primal stuff :-), i just try not to think to much about it.
PA drop rate is perfect. They drop frequently enough, don't change it Blizz.
You're all being trolled.
200 hours of gameplay and 5,000+ Legendary/Set drops have netted 4 Primal Ancients. None are suitable for a WW Barb. Even if they were, the random affixes rolled were horrid. They are well beyond rare at least for me. The likelihood that players at Paragon 1,200 and above will loot a useful Paragon is infinitesimally small. The perfect stat amounts and the ability to reroll different perfect stats is a positive. Since I am 69 years old, I'd say that I will long be dead before my Barb is wearing 13 of these with the desired stats.

My opinion, at a minimum, double the drop rate and take the stats to 110% of perfect.
Wanted to find a good person with free time to help me find full primal ancient for Shadow gears and as for his effort like to reward US100-US200 or US300 for helping me to farm them together cheers...LoL ..this is just a dream..
Hitting 80 and several hundred legs later.
Haven't seen a Primal or an Ancient reforge in weeks it seems.
Yes Blizzard dont raise the percentage rate because i will live to 500 years old to be fully geared in primals PFFT
And I quite recently cubed PA Johanna's Argument :) that's my second PA, first one was from Cadala, so far after thousands ancients dropping none of them were PA while I cubed maybe about 200... But RNG is RNG (xD) It took me about 100 hours of gameplay to loot a relic for my templar with "cannot die" option :D
I was excited to get to solo 70 this season. I have never done it before, but finally managed it. I did it SPECIFICALLY for the primal drops.
Now, after several hundred legendary drops (post solo-70) I have ONE primal. It doesn't totally suck (Krelm's belt) and I didn't salvage it just because it is my only primal.
It has taken my drive to play and curb stomped it. I was willing to grind for 1% primals, but it seems the % is MUCH lower.
So, now I will play because I enjoy playing with my friends. My solo time will decrease greatly.
In fact, except for some social gaming, I am probably through until S11.
Fortunately, in the gaming world, there is always something new. Might try out Prey. Looks interesting.
1 primal ancient drops per roughly 500 legendaries on average. This data is from a site that tracked more than 2 million legendary drops in the past 24 hours. Also, this data highlights another issue.
I'm at 30+

got two obsidian rings

got 1 templar relic
1 puzzle ring

30+ and no set primals dropped... amazing.

This is interesting, seems the drop rate is something like 0.2% which is 5 times less than blizzard said. It's damn low
It's almost non-existent... poor implementation of a new feature apparently.
03/26/2017 05:25 AMPosted by mrtheoden
03/26/2017 03:33 AMPosted by Anblublu
3 Useless primals after around 2000+ forgotten souls

all 3 from normal rift T11, all in first 2 hours in day of patch, ugly RNG

and this is why I have been screaming for nearly a year that Blizzard's RNG in Diablo 3 is BROKEN. You'll get the usual people telling me to shut up, go take a course in statistics, the RNG is fine and not broken and working as intended. I disagree.

Until people realise this em masse, and quit the game en masse, and Blizzard sees a sudden massive spike in people no longer playing, and we're all VOCAL about why we've stopped playing, they'll never get it. Even if they do get it, they'll probably have a good giggle and ignore it all.

What is the RNG like in Path of Exile or Grim Dawn I wonder?
i have noticed my RNG is better with specific characters ie the wizard or a demon hunter while it takes me weeks to gear a crusader or a witch doctor. so i don't think the RNG is broken its just RNG working how RNG should .honestly some times it sucks some times it works very well in your favor

I have also noticed that when i run with a specific friend of mien i tend to get better drops i have had 4 primal's in the last 3 days non really useful but all of them where acquired while running GRs with said friend same thing with my talrash helm tried for days to roll it ancient did a GR with my buddy and got it off a GR boss drop .
03/26/2017 04:39 AMPosted by Bovie
And the better you're geared the harder it will be to find a useful one...

Not geared well at all but I have gotten the following PAs:

1) Maximus
2) Nat's coat-salvaged I hate this set
3) Maurader's helmet
4) Soulsmasher
5) The Grandfather
6) Flesh Tearer

None of them particularly useful but I'll hang onto them for a bit. I know a Primal Ancient Puzzle ring will drop soon or maybe a cluckeye. LOL It's disappointing to say the least.
I think this is fair enough as drop rate. Don't you think we are spoiled enough as it is?? We see legendary drop now droping like regular items... Remember back in the day where it was such a pain farming SOJ are Windforce etc. I mean you need to work it up then being proud of it
Don't worry soon you'll get your Primal Warmonger or Grandfather... Or something that makes you go "oooh maybe there's a build for a class around this item like before" to only realise there isn't days after stashing it "just in case" (Shard of Hate anyone).
Honestly the PA drop rate is pretty screwed. It took me two weeks of running GR75-78 (around 250 in total) and I have seen 1. 1 primal compared to well over 500 legendaries. Kadala isn't giving them up. Cube isn't either. Came from a 78 GR.

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