Mortick's Bracers

Maybe a good compromise on these is for the developers to change the legendary power to a single random rune. (kinda like a Hellfire Amulet).

A lot of farming to do to get the desired rune, but it can be godly if it fits the build.
or just add that Legendary power to IK2 - much like how Vyr2 gives all runes to archon.
Barb sorely lacks the power and badly needs boosts
Either damage mitigation or more power.
Maybe getting more defensive items would be a way to slowly raise the GR cap but slow down power creep.
Kinda have to have power creep if you going to push higher and higher GRifts.
Doesn't needy any comprise now considering power creep + bloodshed double dipping fix since then
Let's keep this within the discussion we had going in the link below, people have suggested many options and varieties here:

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