Armory Deleted Items

Bug Report
Armory deleted items. I had the items in my inventory, swapped to a different set, and the items were gone. The item slots on my character were empty after I hit the "equip" button in the inventory. I assumed that they went into my stash... looked hard for them and they were not there. Hovered the mouse over the sets in the armory and they are telling me now that there are missing pieces so at this point I have to assume upon swapping in the armory the items were destroyed/lost somehow.
same thing it did to my gems ..... have to lv them again
This just happened to me now. I've heard of this issues from several folks but i wasn't believing them thinking that it could just be some isolate case. But i guess blizzard let me down, as i'm not alone and in fact its apparently rampant. Its a big loss for me trying to be competitive early in the season losing a high level gem and having to start over again. So disappointed. I guess i'm gonna have to quit at least this season for now. Nothing new for monks anyway. Unlike that stupidly straight up OP wiz ring and witch doctor belt that defines and completely changed the whole game. All this coming from a 5k hrs monk player all the way since beta. So sad.
Just lost a set item by equipping a saved load-out from the armory, would be nice to get my Cage of the Hellborn back. You guys gave my items on WoW back after a gold farmer dumped my whole account. Hook it up like old times please; and hotfix the little bugger before it becomes a plague.
Same here. I only lost 3 smaragds, fortunately. But this is a very big issue and Blizzard should fix it immediately. I'll not be thrilled if i lost a primal some day...
You guys rock, got my stuff back in day. Maybe I just had to log-out and back in but if you did do something to get it back, thank you. Yet another example of why I rarely look much more beyond Blizzard for my entertainment needs.
Wait what? You got your items restored?

I also lost my two highest legendary gems due to an armory bug, i reported it last sunday ( and havent gotten anything back so far.
He probably did a roll-back on his account.

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