Primal ancients from reforge?

Demon Hunter
It's possible get a primal ancient from reforge?

I know it can be dropped or crafted..
Yes. The only way you can't get an ancient/primal is through set item swappingin cube.
I will state that Primals are 1% of reforges. So you easily go 125 reforges and never see a Primal. The farming for bounties just isn't worth it. This is thousands of forgotten souls. Don't get me wrong, you should reforge. But don't expect much. I had 5000 forgotten souls in when the patch dropped with enough bounty mats. Didn't see a single Primal. Personally, I think you might be off going for a Hellfire. Much easier to farm. On T13 you get 3 mats per Uber run and it only costs you 30 souls.
Don't go looking for a PAL. Let PAL find you!

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