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Hi all,

I really like the Whirlwind ability and thus have been using the "of the Wastes" set recently. But I am slightly confused, the other set buffs are for Rend. But, aren't Rend and Whirlwind both a secondary skill, thus you can only use one...?

Am I missing something? Was this set made for the two skills then they changed the skill tree or something?

Just curious if sticking with this full set is better than my full set of "... of the Earth"?

There is an option to turn on Elective Mode. This allows you to use any skill in any slot. I think its in the Gameplay section of the menu.
no body uses rend at all .....
since they creat the set... u just struck on a point that shows that this"dev team" is totaly out of date. check out leaderbords or one of ur WW friend or ne WW barb profile no 1 uses !@#$ing rend

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