Game freeze every 1-2 minutes

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Every minute or so, my game will freeze for a second or two. This was not happening a few days ago before the season launched.

I'm running on a 980ti i5 system with 32 GB of RAM.

Anyone else experiencing this?
Strange, I am getting this as well. I have changed routers, network cards, Wifi, power over Ethernet, you name it. The game has 1-2 seconds lag every few minutes for no reason. Very strange.
Same problem.

i7-3770, 32gb, Geforce 1080, Win 10
Lets add one more to this list.

I7-6800k, 32gb, Geforce 1080, Win 10
I posted about the same issue I was having about 10 hours ago no one replied...but yea it's weird

i5 4590 3.3ghz
windows 10 64bit
gtx 1070
16gb ram
Same problem, unpredictable freezing for 1-2 seconds.
Same problem, as everyone else playing with me
yes I can not play since patch 2.5 came out, very frustrating to play, lag spikes in every 5 to 10 seconds. please solve this.
lag spikes on patch 2.5 day one, tried everything from reinstalling windows 10, update drivers, latency mon, still the same. I5 with very good graphics card and ram memory. please help.
As someone also impacted by this issue I am surprised to see so many others with it as well. However, we have yet to see a blue post or a fix of any kind. Would love to actually be able to sit down and play.
Same here ... Any fixes yet ?
Hi all, have you checked vertical sync(activate /deactivate) and framerating(it must be the same of your desktop)in video options? R ur graphic drivers up to date?

Try to see if the problem persists in 32 bit mode , and , very important, try to re -install or update or downgrade ur graphic driver(make it a clean install)
Why disliking without even tryng? This is weeeird! :D
And why disliking someone who is just tryng to help independently on the results?
It's nutsie! :)

thx 4 disliking... lol, anyway you should also try this up here
Unfortunately, that last solution did not fix the issue. I will try updating my drivers, a new one came out 3/18. However, I'm using the same drivers as I was early last week, and I was having no issues with the game then, before the season started.
Resolved! Updating my video driver resolved this issue.
04/04/2017 12:55 PMPosted by Keidrolis
Resolved! Updating my video driver resolved this issue.

I saw you are running a 980ti but what version of the driver are you running, and what date was the driver released on? I'm on a 1080 with version 378.92 released on 3/19/17 and had it installed and running great before the season hit. Now, ever since the season started I'm having the stuttering problem.
I've been having this as well and it's been driving me crazy. I've tried disabling every option by one. Killing background processes one by one, disabling G-sync, updating drivers.

The only thing that has solved it is reinstalling the game, but what's odd is that it seems to only get rid of the problem during the first session of gaming after reinstalling. After I close the game and launch it again, the random freeze comes back. I don't understand why this happens, but it's very frustrating and has made me die many times.

Is it possible to play this game off a thumb drive? I wonder if that is one way to get around the reinstall weirdness.
Same issue. Tried switching different settings. Its a 1-2 freeze/lag. It's hardware/system related not latency for sure. GTX 950.
Check ur windows is up to date. My issue was constant DC, so this maybe completely off topic, but once I updated, all my issues disappeared.

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