To Clear GR70

Demon Hunter
Hi All,

any suggestions on my equipments or skills in order to clear GR70?
I have problem in killing within the time limit. Thanks!
If you have a shadow set, it's much quicker/easier to clear your gr70
Have you gotten any UE pieces and/or Dead's Man Legacy? Also, I would consider Bane of the Stricken. That will help better than Bane of the Powerful at higher levels.
Get shadow set + off pieces and destroy. It took me two days and I've solod GR80 after rerolling from monk. It is the most fun spec in this game I've played to date.

The diablo fans build is great btw. The speed at which you can do rifts is amazing with endless vault. Just reroll the weapon from cube hopefully you get ancient....
04/10/2017 11:02 AMPosted by Malystryx
Have you gotten any UE pieces and/or Dead's Man Legacy? Also, I would consider Bane of the Stricken. That will help better than Bane of the Powerful at higher levels.

No, don't use bane of the stricken for solo, only for group runs. It is not better than Powerful at higher levels. In seasons, even the top demon hunters are still using powerful.
i did gr 70 at 350 paragon with horrible rolled ue multishot set. but ya shadow is prob easiest one.
This is seasonal, right? Not sure which follower you are using. It doesn't matter, I prefer the Enchantress with Wyrward ring and a lightning weapon. But it doesn't matter which you use. It's personal preference. But they need to wear an Occulus ring. This will give you up to 85% damage bonus if you stand in the ring. Your kills will proc your follower's Occulus. This is a huge amount of damage.

I also don't see enough cooldown reduction on your gear. You need about 37% on your sheet, really 36.67 works. This will allow perma-Vengeance. I would use the numpad trick, so you don't have to keep Vengeance restarted. Google this. There are youtube videos, if you don't know about this. Monks first used it to keep up there skills. From looking at your gear, don't mess with the gloves, you want double crit there. You will get more hatred if you reroll the quiver. Vengeance is 10 Hatred per second. Your quiver is giving you 1.5. You can reroll that.

You ring focus is ancient and rerolled to damage increase. You want double crit on all your jewelry. Nothing else is better. You don't have enough crit. I don't recommend Zei's with Marauders. The bonus from your sentries is reduced you are relying on polar station to slow. Use Enforcer to buff your Sentry damage.

I would also consider going Cluster Arrow and using the Hellcat Waistguard for Grenade damage. Need a new weapon. But, GR70 can be done with Multishot. The difference with CA and MS is that MS is cheap, but it has limited range. Cluster Arrow will fire across the map if there is line of site. Multishot is very short range in comparison, so forces you to drop more Sentries. Obviously, you would swap out Ballistics for Grenadier. I would also drop Evasive Fire Focus for the 7 Hatred Grenade primary. Yes you have to actually place grenade landing area, but you do this anyway to place Sentries, so not really a big deal. The grenades with the belt actually do damage with the belt whereas, EF Focus does almost nothing in damage. You could also stay with Ballistics, but change MS to CA and use either thd Physical or Cold runes if you actually need the damage reduction from Zoey's. But if you are pushing past Torment 13, you really should be going with offense and just learn to let you Sentries do a lot of the damage while you stay back.

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