Down for almost 2 hours?

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such is life and gaming
hopefully they do a small rollback for those of us in HC that dropped in rifts and the like... just take the server state back just a little lol
What's the status Blizz?
it;s been over 3 hrs still cant log in
Any new information on the status
atm I own a digital copy of BS that doesn't - simply doesn't lol, single offline would be nice** Happy Easter
Lord Emperor Trump has bombed the Blizzard servers.
oh go online with countdown is new :) - oh doesn't work - how they tease
Guess I'll have a beer to celebrate Jebus's resurrection, and like 5 more in celebration of the Diablo server resurrection.
04/16/2017 07:12 AMPosted by JLynch
Hahaha. Perfect. No Diablo? Go to church. Get the gospel. Surrender your life. Best decision a human can make. Watch it all be working just fine by the time you get home.

It's perfectly normal to be skeptical of things you don't understand or can't see with your eyes and touch with your hands. God is fully aware of this and regularly proves Himself... to those who are actually interested in seeing proof. Luckily, there's a new movie out, "Case for Christ". It's about an atheist (believes there is NO God) investigative journalist who sets out to prove there is no God. It backfires. You want proof and evidence? Go watch that movie. Then make an educated decision. :)
Happy Easter

Kids, don't do drugs.
How about some info tech support ?
Any ETA as to when we might be able to get back on Diablo?
C'mon Blizz, you can do it! xD
An ETA would be nice, but a good sign is that I could finally reach the Forums.
I believe that until we know more about creation/ or random evolution we are just guessing.

It's probably a religious vendetta against us who believe only in the power of random drops for entertainment.

for those that preach going to church solves anything; church going solves only one thing; your can be confirmed that you were not out doing something bad in the world because you were in church with other people trying to prove themselves they are worthy.

I say striving for better version of one self is the noblest cause of all about belief.
I bet it was the japs so they could get further ahead of us in rankings and gear
LOL, you could be right on that one! :)

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